Extremist Mosque Ignores Orders To Close

Extremist Mosque Ignores Orders To Close

An extremist Salafist mosque in the city of Marseille has been ordered to close several times over the last five years by French authorities but continues to refuse to obey the orders.

The mosque, located in the Consolat area of northern Marseille, has been ordered for years to be closed by the French government and appeared on a confidential note leaked by French media in rail on Islamist separatist mosques operating in France.

Maamar is believed to attract upwards of 1,000 worshippers and is said to follow the hard-line ideology of Salafist imam El Hadi Doudi, who was expelled from France in April of 2018 to his native Algeria due to his radical preaching that included labelling Jews as “unclean, the brothers of monkeys and pigs.”

Salah Bariki, the former community affairs adviser to former Marseille mayor Jean-Claude Gaudin stated that there are at least 80 Islamic prayer halls and mosques in the city and that 15 of them are extremist Salafist.

Last Friday, Fouad Bennebri, termed a “defacto manager” of the mosque, was in court and asked by the judge why the mosque refused to obey the closure orders.

“I don’t know, I’m just a volunteer,” Bennebri told the judge and was handed a personal fine of 3,750 euros along with a maximum fine of 15,000 euros for the association that runs the mosque.

While the French government has made attempts to crack down on both Islamic radicalism and political Islam in recent months, some of their proposals have simply been rejected by Muslim groups.