Motherhood: Don’t let the most honorable of all toils be erased

Motherhood: Don’t let the most honorable of all toils be erased

The most honorable of toils is that of a mother, a woman who lays aside her interests and wants to raise the next generation of humanity. From the very beginning, God ordained motherhood. But God never said it would be an easy task. Because of the fall, God said to Eve, “I will make your pains in childbearing very severe; with painful labor you will give birth” (Genesis 3:16).

Raising a family is not like any other job. A mother’s work is never done. Raising a family requires courage, nobleness, and perseverance. Motherhood is never boring or droll. Motherhood is one unexpected event after another.

A mother must endure nine months of pregnancy and excruciating labor before giving birth. (And although an adoptive mother may not have given birth physically, she gives life to that child when she takes on the responsibility of motherhood.) But even after a child is born or adopted, the work is still far from over. A mother must feed her child, and change his diaper. Often she is awakened by her child’s cries. Sleepily she slips from bed and steps quietly to her child, to give him milk, to change his diaper, or to fulfill another of his needs. For she knows that it is her duty and her joy, not only to raise, care for, and love her child, but as a Christian, to teach her child about Christ, and to protect him from the evils of this world.

From the very beginning she disciplines, corrects, and teaches. She teaches her child to read and write, but most importantly, to do all things for Christ. She reads the Bible and other books to her child, and constantly points out the splashes of beauty throughout God’s creation. “Impress these commands on your children. Talk about them when you sit and when you walk on the road; when you lie down and you get up” (Deuteronomy 6.7).

A mother must do more than caretaking and teaching, though. She must be a doctor or nurse, to care for her sick child; a chef to cook for her household; a home manager to keep her house in order; a teacher, to teach her child to read and write; and a spiritual mentor, to care for her child’s spiritual needs.

Unfortunately, today motherhood is under attack. The Biden administration and others have begun to replace the language of women and mothers with the term “birthing people.” They say they use the term “birthing people” because they do not want to discriminate against “trans feminines” (biological males “identifying” as females), “nonbinary people” (those who “identify” as neither male nor female), and “pregnant men” (pregnant women who “identify” as male).

But what they don’t realize is that this is resulting in the erasure of women and mothers. In trying to avoid discriminating against others, they have discriminated even more against me and my sex: biological females.

But in the end, God’s ordained plan for motherhood will always triumph, because it is mothers who raise children to be the next generation of strong Christ followers.

The most honorable of toils is that of a mother, who raises the next generation of doctors, lawyers, inventors, military officers, engineers, teachers, pastors, cooks, artists, writers, journalists, pilots, etc. but most importantly, the next generation of great Christian leaders.

I ask you this question: Will you honor the mothers in your life even when our culture tries to erase all they do, and all that they are? This is my challenge for you.