Mr REAL President - Sack These Advisors!

Mr REAL President - Sack These Advisors!

Yet again, Donald Trump's social media and campaign advisors have let down both Donald Trump and the millions of Americans who still believe he can make a political come-back and save America. A businessman of nearly 75 naturally isn't best placed to decide the way forward on social media, so he must of course rely on the advisors he pays with his followers' donations.

The Real President and his supporters are therefore entitled to the very best, but his much-hyped 'new social media platform' unveiled yesterday shows that, yet again, his advisors in this field have failed completely. Are they incompetent? Charlatans? Or deliberate saboteurs? Whichever it is, Mr. Trump needs to fire the lot and replace them with a new team with the will and ability to do things right.

We were promised a complete new social media platform, a daring and comprehensive solution to liberal social media censorship which would restore free speech in the online public square for conservatives, Christians and patriots. What we have got is a standard website, quite well designed and reasonably efficient at harvesting supporters' emails so that the Real President can contract them direct in future.

But that's as far as it goes. A real new social media platform would be a fully integrated conservative version of Facebook, combined with a free speech version of Twitter and linked to all the much smaller platforms which still allow users to express themselves freely. Gab, Minds, Telegram, VK, a revived Parler and the various seedling alternatives to YouTube. The whole operation would be completely independent of the tired, repressive liberal corporations, and would have advertising facilities which would give back to conservative small businesses the right to reach and trade with like-minded people online. This would also make the whole thing profitable and self-sustaining. It would at a stroke end the deplatforming tyranny that is literally strangling the entire 'right'.

As it is, the site doesn't even allow for stories to be shared on the surviving free speech platforms. The only social media links are to Facebook and Twitter. So Trump's loyal supporters are being asked to share his posts on the two very platforms which have most censored him, and which have already deplatformed thousands of people for supporting him and talking about issues which he also addresses. And, of course, both platforms run ruthless algorithm clampdowns and shadow ban policies. Even if people don't get thrown off for sharing Donald Trump's new site, their posts won't actually get seen by anyone.

The entire site is thus as useless, indeed counter-productive, as the likely effort by Donald Trump to run in 2024. All it does is to provide a bit of unfounded, false hope for naive conservatives; it will change absolutely nothing. Since a combination of demographic change and Democrat fraud stopped him winning in 2020 (when, in theory at least, he controlled the levers of power) then why on earth would anyone think he could win four years later, when the Democrats have had all that time to rig the system even further, gives votes to tens of millions of illegal and legal immigrants, and will have a completely free hand to run an even more effective mail-in ballot fraud?

Donald Trump's social media advisors should have spent the past few months in intensive discussions with the world's best non-liberal techies, platform providers and conservative voices. They should have tapped the big right-wing donors for funds to create and roll out the sort of all-embracing, full-on alternative media platform outlined above. Instead, they have taken his money, wasted all that precious time, and given him a website which Google and the rest probably won't even place on the first page of results. And even if they do let normal people see it, the thing is in any case innately unfit for the purpose for which the times call.

Given that the Real President is not allowed to horsewhip these worst of advisors, let alone have them strung up, he should at least fire them all immediately and start all over again with a new team that's up to this extraordinarily important job. But, of course, he will do nothing of the sort.

"Put not your trust in princes".