MSM Cover Up Lock Down Report

MSM Cover Up Lock Down Report

MainStream Media outlets have launched yet another Covid cover-up. Going down the liberal Memory Hole this time is a report that finds that draconian lockdowns only reduced Covid mortality by a statistically irrelevant 0.2%.

A review by experts from Johns Hopkins University in the US, Lund University in Sweden and the Danish think-tank the Center for Political Studies, assessed the impact on fatalities of the devastating lockdowns in 2020.  And it turns out that the surge in inflation, mountain of debt, ruined businesses, surge in untreated cancers and broken hearts were all for nothing.

Yet, despite the implications of the bombshell report, the BBC, Sky, CNN and liberal newspapers have failed to cover it.

Speaking about the paper being omitted from most major news outlets in the UK, report author Professor Willison told MailOnline: 'I'm not surprised because those of us who argued for softer, voluntary quarantine regulations back in May 2020 were ignored. 

'The catastrophic economic and societal damage from the harsh lockdown regime is even harder to bear if it transpires that lockdown measures had minimal effects on reducing transmission of the virus in the UK too. '

He contrasted the impact of brutal lockdowns in the UK with the much lighter-handed policy of Sweden:

'The Swedish policy was correct in that it allowed the public to moderate their behaviours while still keeping schools and communities functional. I bet Downing Street is now regretting passing new laws to regulate all our lives over the past two years.'  

Professor McKeigue, an expert in genetic epidemiology and statistical genetics, told MailOnline  that the report's findings were 'too definitive'. But he agreed there was 'no evidence that lockdowns did any good'.

He said lockdowns may have increased mortality, such as by sending students home to live with vulnerable parents and stopping elderly people from exercising.  

The UK was forced into lockdown three times throughout the pandemic. The technocrats in Whitehall unsuccessfully called for additional lockdowns during the Delta and Omicron waves. 

MailOnline was just one of three major British media outlets to cover the findings this week, along with The Daily Telegraph and the online edition of the Daily Express.  

Professor David Livermore, a microbiologist at the University of East Anglia, told MailOnline: 'Almost all the major broadcasters, along with several papers have slavishly followed the "lockdowns work" narrative throughout, generally without objective analysis. 

'So I'm disappointed, but unsurprised, that, once again, they are not headlining work — however well conducted — that comes to the contrary conclusion.'

MailOnline has approached Sky, the BBC and The Guardian for comment. 

Professor Keith Willison, a chemical biologist at Imperial College London, told this website that he was not surprised it was not widely covered because criticisms of lockdown have been 'ignored' during the pandemic. 

He added that the report was done by 'highly reputable' economists and added value to the debate around the  use of draconian restrictions early in the Covid crisis.