Musk Sacks Thousands of Censors

Musk Sacks Thousands of Censors

Elon Musk has axed thousands of Twitter censors in the latest dramatic move to ease the liberal death-grip on the free exchange of information. Twitter's new owner is further wiping out the teams that have been censoring the social media platform as outsourced moderators learned over the weekend they were out of a job.

The social media giant fired Orwellian contractors tracking 'ungoodthinkful' comments  hate on Saturday. Some of the snowflake contractors said they didn't realize they were sacked until they weren't able to log onto work on Saturday.

Musk's move comes after Twitter fired much of its full-time workforce by email on November 4. About 4,400 of 5,500 contractors have been fired, according Reporter Casey Newton from Platformer News. 

Twitter hasn't said how many contract workers it cut. The company gutted its communications department and hasn't responded to media requests for information since Musk took over.