Musk Slams Climate 'Death Cult'

Musk Slams Climate 'Death Cult'

“If you start thinking that humans are bad, then the natural conclusion is that humans should die out,” Elon Musk told podcaster Joe Rogan in a nearly three-hour podcast episode Tuesday. “That death cult was in charge of social media, and still largely is.”

Musk condemned the “death cult” of far-left environmentalism and its “corrosive effect on civilization” in the far-ranging interview earlier this week. 

Musk, who purchased Twitter/X in a $44 billion deal last year, said the social media platform had been used as an “arm of the government” as well as a “far-left information weapon” that spread an “extinctionist” “mind virus” worldwide.

For the SpaceX founder and Tesla CEO, the “philosophy [that] led to that outcome” is a far-left hyper-environmentalism that sees “humanity as a plague on the surface of the earth.”

Musk, who has routinely challenged the “overpopulation” narrative, contending that the true problem facing the planet is actually underpopulation, argued that the earth could actually sustain 10 times its current human population without being overtaxed.

He said radical environmentalists who oppose human population growth are members of a “death cult” who are actively “propagating the extinction of humanity and civilization,” and warned that artificial intelligence (AI) in the hands of “extinctionists” would mean that the new technology’s “utility function will be the extinction of humanity.”

According to Musk, pro-extinction radicals in San Francisco and Berkeley were given a “technological megaphone” to blast their ideology worldwide with social media, including Twitter, which he said became “an accidental far-left information weapon” to “propagate what is essentially a mind virus to the rest of earth.”