Muslim Lobby Crows Over BBC Headline Switch

Muslim Lobby Crows Over BBC Headline Switch

The BBC ran a headline that told the truth about Islamist terror, but the rare mistake was quickly put right after eagle-eyed censors at the Muslim Council of Britain spotted the danger and ordered the BBC to fix it. 

In a report on the trial of the brother of the Manchester Bomber, the BBC revealed that the court had heard that the terrorist drew attention to himself through his Islamic prayer ritual shortly before he slaughtered 22 innocent people. The Centre for Media Monitoring - a censorship project run by the Muslim Council of Britain - complained to the broadcaster, and the headline was quickly changed in an effort to cover up the fanatic's Islamist motivation.  


The Muslim Council of Britain said that it acted to make sure that “a misleading impression of the facts” was not given. But in this case, it is the BBC’s second headline that is 'misleading'. 

But of course, that was the point. The MCB is strongly influenced by the ideas and long-term take-over strategy of the Muslim Brotherhood. So one of their top priorities is to make sure that no one thinks that radical Islam has anything to do with terrorism. If only they could convince the jihad terrorists....