Muslim Parents Set An Example For Us All!

Muslim Parents Set An Example For Us All!

More than 300 parents and children gathered outside a Birmingham primary school yesterday to protest against the indoctrination of primary school children with homosexuality and gender confusion. 

ome of the overwhelmingly Muslim demonstrators said they would rather leave the UK than allow their children to continue attending Parkfield Community School.

Pupils were kept out of lessons for the first hour of the day. Some joined in with the chants and held placards reading: ‘Education not indoctrination.’ One child carried a handwritten sign which said: ‘Let kids be kids.’

The protest comes amid a campaign against lessons designed  at the school, with parents in the predominantly Muslim area joined by some Bible-true Christians to oppose the brainwashing, which is organised by the Deputy Head, Andrew Moffat.

Homosexual Moffat, who is in a civil partnership, was made an MBE for services to equality and diversity in education in 2017. He is currently shortlisted for a ‘world’s best teacher’ award, which carries a £1,000,000 prize.

He resigned from a previous teaching post at another school after a row with Christian parents over lessons challenging homophobia – and is now facing even more vocal complaints from parents at Parkfield, where 98 per cent of the 750 pupils are from an Islamic background.

We regard the mass immigration policies which created such a situation as insane (or worse, deliberate evil), but in this case, we stand 100% with the parents at Parkfield in their stand for traditional values, decency and common sense.

This cultural Marxist brainwashing will, of course, continue to get even worse. On top of the Equality Act – passed under the fake ‘conservative’ regime in 2014, the Tories are now bringing in new compulsory ‘relationships’ education which will include teaching primary school children that same sex couples and transgender physical and chemical mutilation are normal. Welcome to Modern Britain – twinned with Sodom and Gomorrah!