Nationalist Voters Turn Against Pro-Abortion Parties

Nationalist Voters Turn Against Pro-Abortion Parties

Thousands of Catholics and Nationalists have vowed never to vote for parties which refused to help stop the UK’s Westminster parliament impose Europe’s most liberal abortion laws on Northern Ireland.

The Protestant DUP (Democratic Unionist Party) and cross-community pro-life campaigners had called on Sinn Fein and the ‘moderate Catholic’ SDLP to help reopen the Province’s Stormont Parliament. By refusing to do so, they gave London the green light to force legalised child murder on Northern Ireland.

One of those angered by the refusal to stand against the ‘Herod Law’, Mary Lewis said:

“As a nationalist, I’m shocked that the SDLP, a party who claim they are pro-life, and the nationalist Sinn Fein have willingly allowed the UK Parliament to legislate for the people of Northern Ireland and impose the most extreme abortion law in Europe on our small province, without consideration of the devolution settlement.

“As an SDLP voter, I am appalled that the SDLP leader, Colum Eastwood, has dismissed an attempt to save lives of unborn children as a political stunt. I am further shocked that his party chose to walk out of the chamber which meant that the attempt to introduce a bill to stop Westminster imposing abortion on Northern Ireland would have blocked.

“There is no way that anyone from the SDLP can now call themselves pro-life. There is also no way that they can call themselves Nationalist when they actively blocked an attempt to stop Westminster imposing legislation on Northern Ireland. There is no way I will be ever voting for the SDLP again.”