NATO's Criminal Bombing of Serbia VIDEO

NATO's Criminal Bombing of Serbia VIDEO

This video exposes the utter hypocrisy of NATO and Western leaders in their fake outrage over Russian bombing of military targets in Ukraine.

This month saw the 23rd anniversary of the end of NATO’s 78-day bombing of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. After an international legal team filed lawsuits against NATO on behalf of 3,000 victims over the horrific consequences of up to 15 tons of depleted uranium bombs NATO dropped in 1999, NATO responded by saying it has immunity from prosecution. 

The video highlights some of the key facts about the Clinton/Blair war crime in Serbia. The brutal campaign saw the dropping of 420,000 bombs, totaling 22,000 tonnes. More than 2,700 people were killed including 79 children. 1 million refugees were forced to flee the indiscriminate bombing.

The bombs included 15 tonnes of depleted uranium bombs. These are estimated to have caused 30,000 cancer cases, of whom some 10,000 have died. Serbia has noted much higher rates of cancer among children born after 1999. Italian peacekeeping troops have also been badly hit.

NATO went on to use far bigger quantities of depleted uranium bombs in the illegal Bush/Blair assault on Iraq. Little wonder that NATO - whose members only account for around 15% of the world population - is heartily detested by the vast majority of the world.