Nazi Kids in Ukraine VIDEO

Nazi Kids in Ukraine VIDEO

The liberal media are in denial over the fact that the neo-Nazi movement in Ukraine is not only the strongest in the world, but also that it has penetrated the highest levels of Ukrainian society - particularly the military.

Part of their coping mechanism and propaganda is to suggest that the phenomenon is in reality only very small. "Yes, Ukraine has a few neo-Nazis, but they are completely marginalised just like in all other normal countries," is the sort of line we hear trotted out.

But this German-made documentary about "Ukraine's Nazi Kids" shows things in a rather different light, giving us a clear picture of the scale of the problem.

"But Britain and the USA have Nazis too..." the liberals bleat again. Yes, but they are not running large sections of the education system. And Nazis in Britain and the USA have not been integrated into the regular army, trained and equipped to NATO standards and then encouraged to spend the last eight years shelling black suburbs of Detroit and Los Angles, or the Muslim parts of Bradford and Birmingham!

But that's the reality of the situation on the ground in Ukraine, and this video reminds us that such appalling policies have widesrpead support. Not just among young children, but also among the parents who allow them to attend such camps, and the authorities which gleefully allow them to go ahead.