Nebraska Farmers Stand Up to Banksters

Nebraska Farmers Stand Up to Banksters

Farmer is driven into debt. Bank seizes farm. Farmer loses everything. Bank pockets money and moves on to next victim. It's an all-too familiar cycle of usury and greed. But farmers in Nebraska have revived an old way of fighting back.

Our picture show the scene as a distraint action, organised by bailiffs on behalf of the bank. But things didn't go according to plan.

In an event which probably hasn't happened since farmers banded together to resist greedy banksters in the Great Depression, several hundred farmers attended the auction - and didn't say a word or move a muscle when the auctioneer called for bids for the farm.

Only one man spoke - the young farmer who owned the land before the bank seized it. He made just one, tiny, symbolic bid. No-one raised it, so he got his farm back there and then!

No doubt the banks and authorities will work on ways to stop this happening in future, but the very fact that it did happen gives us all a very clear and very heartening glimpse of the solidarity and determined decency of American farmers. Well done indeed to the men of Nebraska!