Neo-Nazi Paedophile Convicted of Terrorism

Neo-Nazi Paedophile Convicted of Terrorism

From the moment National Action appeared on the scene, the Knights Templar warned disillusioned and desperate young Britons of the satanic and homosexual influence that was rife within the group. Yet again, we have been vindicated. Now, dozens of former members are behind bars because they refused to listen when the Templars warned that not only were many of their members sexual predators and satanists but that the entire National Action operation was a state-created honeypot designed to gather the names and identities of young nationalists and eventually put them behind bars.


In July 2017, several members and former members of the banned Nazi organisation National Action arrived in the late afternoon.

Among their numbers was a slim, baby-faced man called Jack Renshaw.

Almost immediately, the then 22-year-old began complaining about an ongoing police investigation into him for stirring up racial hatred in speeches.

As the evening wore on, he revealed an imminent plan - that if he was charged by police, he would make a political statement by killing his local MP Rosie Cooper.

What Renshaw did not know was one of his friends was secretly passing information to the far-left group Hope not Hate.

Robbie Mullen, a fellow National Action member, had grown disillusioned and wanted out.

During one demonstration in 2016, Renshaw said Jewish people were "parasites." He was later arrested at his mother's house and held on suspicion of stirring up racial hatred.

But what his fellow Nazis did not know was that Renshaw was a paedophile!

Renshaw had been grooming underage boys for sex. For nearly a year he had been using a fake Facebook profile to sexually groom two boys.

Detectives established the Facebook messages had been sent from an address occupied by Jack Renshaw. He was re-arrested and questioned about the grooming.

He admitted to having searched online for gay pornography "out of interest."

Within two days of being released on bail, Renshaw searched for DC Henderson on Facebook.

Renshaw had already begun planning an attack on his local MP Rosie Cooper. He now had the investigating officer ,DC Henderson, in his sights.

He ordered a machete online and in his head planned out the attack, but informer Robbie Mullen foiled his plans.

Counter terrorism detectives hurriedly tried to locate Renshaw. He was not at his bail address but was eventually found and arrested on suspicion of making threats to kill.

In 2018, Renshaw was convicted of two counts of stirring up racial hatred in speeches and later sentenced to three years in prison.

Later that year, he was in court again, this time on charges of grooming children for sex.

Renshaw asked the child for explicit photos and tried to entice him into sex by offering money. 

One boy described how Renshaw called him a "hottie" and "jailbait" and said "he was getting too weird, saying he wanted to do weird sexual things to me."

He was convicted of four counts of inciting a child to engage in sexual activity and sentenced to 18 months behind bars.

Renshaw is just the latest  member of National Action to be outed as a paedophile and homosexual. Satanism was at heart of National Action. Many young people enraged by the destruction of their nation and desperate for an outlet were attracted by National Action's brash and arrogant style. Now, the laws used to outlaw National Action are being used to crush all dissenting voices in Britain.