Netflix LGBTQP Porn 'Not for Children'

Netflix LGBTQP Porn 'Not for Children'

Netflix has moved several cartoon series from Netflix Kids to the adult section in its Russian service thanks to the Russian law banning LGBT propaganda against minors.

The change will affect a “very small” number of projects, but stand by for more hysterical Russophobia from the mainstream liberal media.


Netflix noted that TV and film sites are required by Russian law to set an age limit of 18+ for any titles with sodomite content. Netflix Kids is only for movies and shows with an age limit of 13.

Customers in Russia earlier noticed that several animated series had disappeared from the children’s section and now have an 18+ rating, though they are mostly rated 6+ in Western countries. These titles include Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, The Dragon Prince, and Steven Universe.

Steven Universe is one of the first children's cartoons with LGBTQ representation, in She-Ra the love of two heroines saves the world, in Kipo one of the main characters directly says that he is homosexual, and in Dragon Prince there are same-sex couples in the background.

In 2013, Russia passed an amendment to the country's Child Protection Law against “propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations to minors.” Fines range from $155 for an individual to up to $31,000 for a media outlet.