Netflix sexualizing 11-year-old girls

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Netflix sexualizing 11-year-old girls

The French film “Cuties” (titled “Mignonnes” in French) follows the story of 11-year-old Amy, a Senegalese Muslim girl who lives in a poor neighborhood in France. She joins a group of other young girls who perform hyper-sexualized dance routines, including imitating an adult “twerking dance crew.”

Last month Netflix changed the poster and description advertising the film after a wave of online criticism.

Clips from the film released on social media have provoked increased outrage online, with many saying the film is promoting pedophila. Some are too disgusting and disturbing to describe or share in this article.

IMDb’s guide for parents for the film currently details that in one scene “A pair of tight leather pants on an 11 year old girl are forcefully pulled down in the midst of a scuffle; the camera glances at her underwear exposed bum.”

Screenshots posted online show that IMDb’s guide previously gave much greater detail about some of the disturbing aspects of the film and even noted that some of the content of the film “is lawfully defined as pedophilia.” An archived version of the IMDb website also shows their original guidance for parents.

The text which previously appeared on IMDb’s website included the following:

Parental Warning : During one of the many highly sexualized & erotic dance scenes that purposefully exploit & objectify numerous scantily clad under age girls, one of the female child dancers lifts up her cropped top to fully display her bare breast. This is lawfully defined as pedophilia and can be extremely distressing to many viewers

Trigger Warning : An 11 year old girl watches a female rap music video where naked women role play through dance both heterosexual & lesbian sex acts. An 11 year old female dance group then mimics these sexual moves via on themselves and on each other while the camera zooms in on their sexual body parts as they erotically writher. This can be highly distressing to many viewers.

Female breast nudity of a minor during an erotic dance scene and lengthy & excessive closeup shots of breasts, bums and spread crotches of scantily clad 11 year old girls during numerous sexualized dance routines.

Lila Rose, founder and president of pro-life group Live Action, has posted a series of tweets making the case that the filmmakers have broken U.S. law on “child porn” because the film “blatantly zooms in on sexual parts of little girls as they dance suggestively, partially clothed, for adult audiences, as explicit sexual ‘exploration.’”

Nevertheless mainstream media outlets have lauded the film, with The Telegraph awarding it four out of five stars and describing it as a “provocative powder-keg for an age terrified of child sexuality.”

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