New Congress Antics Ring Alarm Bells

New Congress Antics Ring Alarm Bells

The fact that the incoming government being imposed on the USA bears the familiar label 'Democrat' shouldn't fool anyone: the Great Steal coup regime is unlike anything that the country has ever seen before. It is run by people who know full well that they and their allies have pulled off the biggest heist in electoral history, and the bureaucracy on which they will rely to enforce their will is already riddled with advocates of Critical Race and Gender Theories -both of which are avowedly revolutionary forces which are going to tear America apart, under cover of a wrecking ball lockdown.

Advance warning of the revolutionary extremism of the incoming regime came at the opening of the 117th Congress, which saw two powerful pieces of symbolism enacted. Some conservatives have mocked the apparent lunacy involved, but they would do better to be very frightened, and to prepare accordingly for the fight of their lives against the Democrat push to tear down Christian America and build an atheistic and alien totalitarianism on the ruins.

The prayer at the very start of the opening ceremony came from Democrat Representative Emanuel Cleaver. As has been widely reported, he provoked fury by closing the congressional prayer with the words 'amen and a woman'.

Cleaver also mentioned the Hindu god Brahma as he gave his prayer to Congress.

He said: 'We ask it in the name of the monotheistic God, Brahma, and "god" known by many names by many different faiths.'

'Amen and a woman.' 

The 'woke' prayer comes alongside a committee proposed changes inHhouse rules to 'honor all gender identities' and eliminate words with inherent genders such as 'father' or 'mother'. 

Nancy Pelosi, the Democrat Speaker of the House, announced the proposal, saying the move would make the lower chamber the 'most inclusive in history' for transgender and non-binary people.

The new House rules will remove gender specific references such as 'man', 'woman', 'husband' or 'wife' in the 45-page text that governs the House.

Despite many Republicans mocking the proposals, none of this is a joke. Rather, it is an early warning of the extremism and anti-Christian fanaticism about to seize control of the United States. Take heed! Get ready! And pray that this evil may not last long!