New Great Reset Push Under Cover of Ukraine War

New Great Reset Push Under Cover of Ukraine War

Reduced speed limits, turning the heating down even further and working from home for at least three days every week - these are just some of the restrictions to be pushed on Europeans as their political elite use the conflict in Ukraine as the latest excuse for a raft of measures advancing their Great Reset agenda.

EU chiefs are asking workers to buck the trend of returning to the office after the pandemic, and to prepare for a sweltering summer with air conditioning turned off. Their nine-point energy reduction plan is called Playing My Part and has been drawn up with the International Energy Agency. It also urges workers to avoid commuting and drive more slowly to use less fuel.

The reason given for these personal sacrifices demanded of ordinary people is that they will help to reduce EU dependence on Russian oil and gas. Brussels bosses are desperate to try to hit Russian finances, but are acutely aware that their Green Agenda measures have drastically hit home-produced energy supplies.

The EU cannot now find alternative supplies to replace those from Russia, so it wants citizens to adjust their lifestyles. The IEA calculates that if every citizen followed the plan, it could save 220million barrels of oil and 17billion cubic metres of gas a year.

IEA chief Fatih Birol, of the IEA, gave us a glimpse of the underlying reason for the measures when he said that the aim is to ‘reduce the flow of money to Russia’s military and help put us on a path to a cleaner and more sustainable planet’.

The Eurocrats have long boasted that their policy is "never to let a good crisis go to waste", and this is a classic example of their cynical tactic in action. All the measures they are 'selling' as necessary to punish Russia are in fact things which they already planned to impose on the ordinary people of Europe. Squealing about Vladimir Putin is simply a convenient excuse, allowing them to ramp up the pain of their 'war on carbon' but blame the impact of their deliberate sabotage of living standards on Russia. It is noteworthy that the main pressure for motorway speed limits in Germany comes from the Green Party, which has been hysterically hostile to private car ownership for decades.

Austria, meanwhile, has cut all fares on public transport to three euros per day. This measure too, which of course involves massive tax subsidies, is another long-standing wish of the 'watermelon' ("green on the outside, red on the inside") Communists. 
The elite pushing all this know perfectly well that Russia is simply switching to selling even more oil and gas to China and India, and that the ruble has already completely recovered from the introduction of sanctions. But, of course, the real target is not Russia at all - it's ordinary citizens. Whether in Brussels, London or Washington, the global elite hate what they see as our 'over-consumption' and are determined to bring us to heel. "You'll own nothing and freeze in winter and broil in summer. And we'll be happy".
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