New Military Cathedral Rising

New Military Cathedral Rising

Imagine the howls of rage from atheists, secularists, Islamists Talmudists and Satanists if Donald Trump ordered the building of a massive Military Cathedral in Washington DC. All the anti-Christian  –ists would go wild, and unite with the liberal media and political elite to crush the project before it even got off the drawing board, wouldn't they?

If ever you’ve been tempted to fall for the tales about Russia still being ‘red’ that are spread around by media liars and fake conservative know-nothings, contrast this with what is happening in Moscow right now.

On Vladimir Putin’s direct order, an imposing new Armed Forces Cathedral is being in Patriot Park, on the edge of Moscow. The cathedral will be sanctified on the 9th May in connection with the 75 years anniversary of the Second World War.

The camouflage-coloured church building will be 95 meters high and will have a huge 19,45 diameter cupola.

The cathedral is built with heavy World War Two symbolism. Thus, the 19,45 diameter cupola is connected with the year 1945 while the second tiny smaller cupola is 14,18 diameter big, which relates to the 1418 days that the war lasted.

The return of Russia to Christianity after 70 years of atheistic tyranny imposed by Western-backed Communist ‘revolutionaries’ is one of the true wonders of our time.