New Threat to Kids from Trans Predators

New Threat to Kids from Trans Predators

Every sane adult knows that transsexual men posing as women are a menace to children and frequently a threat to real women as well. But now it has emerged that an absurd rule in the UK's safety-checking system allows transgender criminals to cover up their previous crimes. This makes it even easier for the very worst sexual deviants to target children.

The loophole in the law allows people who deny the gender they were born with to withhold their previous name and their biological sex when applying for jobs in settings like schools, nurseries and hospitals.

When normal people change their names, the information goes into the records automatically. But with transgender name changes, they are only recorded if those involved personally notify officials of their past identities, a report by Keep Prisons Single Sex has found.

While they are still legally required to inform the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) of their current and previous identities, the report author has told the Telegraph that it 'destroys confidence in the system' by putting the onus on the individual. Sexual criminals, of course, are all too likely to fail to fulfill their legal obligation.

Miriam Cates, Tory MP for Penistone and Stocksbridge told the paper: 'The purpose of criminal records checks is both to protect the public and to deter those who mean harm from trying to gain access to children and vulnerable people.

'If predators can evade scrutiny by changing their name or claiming to be the opposite sex, we can be sure that this DBS loophole will be abused and children will be harmed.'

The report warns that the system could be 'abused' by 'nefarious criminals' wanting to hide their previous convictions to gain access to vulnerable people.

'The current DBS system relies on the assumption that these disclosures will be made accurately and fully when there are reasons why they might not be. Omission could be deliberate, including for nefarious reasons.'