New World Order - Hidden In Plain Sight?

New World Order - Hidden In Plain Sight?

The controlled media have spent years claiming that the idea that the political elite are planning to impose a dictatorial 'New World Order' on us all is a 'tin-foil hat conspiracy theory'.

Dr. Kerry Chant, the Chief Health Officer of New South Wales, sent social media into a frenzy on Thursday, after she referred to a post-lockdown “new world order” during a Covid-19 press conference.

After State Premier Gladys Berejiklian had unveiled her administration’s plan for Greater Sydney’s path to freedom out of lockdown, Dr. Chant revealed the extreme new vaccine requirements for workers and customers when the city reopens.

Both parties at reopened businesses would have to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19, Dr. Chant announced, and workplaces would “have some system of checking that.” But it was her next comment that really stirred up a storm.

“We will be looking at what contact tracing looks like in the new world order.”

Now why would she say that? It really doesn't make sense; it was completely unnecessary. Is it just some piece of meaningless jargon, or an example of the way in which people (and institutions) with secrets get a kick out of 'flashing' others with hints of their hidden knowledge? Is it about increasing their power and our helplessness? Or is Kerry Chant just another overpaid idiot imposing the most unnecessary, futile and destructive curfew in world history. 

Take a look at what she said, look at the level of tyranny now being imposed on Australia, and decide for yourself!