RNLI is funding burkinis in Africa

You will not believe this!! –

Gag The Public – Pro-Abortion MP

The arrogance of Britain’s political elite knows no bounds! On top of being a ‘Remainer’ who refuses to accept the wish of the majority of Brits to leave the EU, Labour MP Stella Creasy has just demanded that the government EXCLUDE the public from having say about the plan to force abortion on Northern Ireland.

Islamic Brainwashing For Michigan Teachers

A well-orchestrated Islamic propaganda campaign is being aimed at teachers in schools throughout Michigan and several other states.

No War For Saudi Monsters

The drums of war are beating louder by the day! The corporate arms dealers and the banksters are desperate to get us into war, with Big Oil also drooling over the extra profits to be gouged out of us all as tensions reach fever pitch. But never forget that War is a racket!


“100 Genders” - BBC Steps Up LGBTQ Madness

A BBC resource for children aged nine to twelve claims there are over 100 'gender identities' — something that the taxpayer-funded mental child molesters find "really exciting".

Blair Think-Tank Plots Free Speech Clampdown

The most hated UK Prime Minister in recent decades, Tony Blair, is now spearheading a drive to ban Britons from organising or speaking against the results of his own disastrous policy of flooding the country with millions of extra immigrants.

The Infiltration of the Catholic Church

Over a century before the St. Gallen mafia plotted to seize the papacy, a Freemasonic document dreamed of “a pope according to our heart.” He would be sprung from a generation won over to Freemasonic dogmas from its youth, via the corruption of families, books, and education. He would be elected by a corrupted clergy and would be similarly “imbued with the Italian and humanitarian principles which we are about to put into circulation.”


Virginity - A National Security Issue

It is necessary to stigmatize sexual relations before marriage. We need to explain to young men that it is not normal to marry a woman who has already been used by dozens of men, and that only a fool would marry a harlot. Yes, this will hurt many very deeply.

Why the West is in Decline

Political Correctness sometimes seems like a bit of a joke. But it’s not, it’s a part of a long-running attack on the whole of Christian civilisation by a clique of subversive evil geniuses. 

The Knights Templar Order