Canadian province stops giving boosters to elders who have had COVID in the past due to severe, life-threatening side effects

The Quebec government had to stop giving boosters to elders who had received two doses of the COVID vaccine and previously had COVID due to severe, life-threatening side effects.

New Presenter Joins Templar Report

It's a rare voice of sanity, comradeship and decency in a mad, fractured and ugly world! The Templar Report has been broadcast every weekday evening at 6 p.m. UK time since the early days of the 'pandemic'.

Frequent guest and occasional stand-in presenter Nick Griffin has now been granted a regular weekly slot, from now on he will be presenting a solo show every Tuesday, as well as appearing as a guest with Jim Dowson from time to time.

Last night's show was thus hopefully the first of many. If you've not seen it, you can watch it anytime on

Chile rejects abortion

Chile’s lower Chamber of Deputies has rejected a Bill that sought to introduce abortion on demand up to 14 weeks gestation.

The legislation, introduced in January this year, sought to amend the current Chilean penal code so that the current prohibitions on abortion only applied after 14 weeks.

Serious Read: Back to the Land

One of our favourite websites is Russian Faith. Whether one is orthodox or not, it is full of wisdom, faith and inspiring reports. Today we take the liberty of reprinting a whole essay from this great site. It is the text of a lecture given by Father Steven Allen to a group of young traditionalists in Serbia - a country of which we are also particularly fond. It is entitled Back to the Land - Orthodoxy and Agrarian Economics. We believe that you will find it a welcome change from articles which, more often than not, sound the alarm and discuss problems, rather than solutions. As such, it is well worth putting aside the quiet time to read it and reflect upon its words and wisdom.

Calls for more protection for Nigerian Christians during Christmas

Church leaders and charities are calling on the Nigerian government to provide additional protection for Christians in Nigeria over the festive period.

Director of Advocacy at Open Doors UK and Ireland, Dr David Landrum and Revd Ayo Adedoyin, Head of Communications at North London church Jesus House, have handed a letter with the request to the Nigerian High Commission in London.

UK Govt in MASSIVE New Power Grab

The British government is hell-bent on using the covid 'emergency' as cover for the most drastic state power grab for centuries. The Times has reported that the Johnson regime is plotting a new law that allows it to overrule and reverse the decisions of the Judiciary that it doesn't like by way of an "annual review" of the courts' decisions - the "Interpretation Bill".

The UK has 3 branches of Government:

(1) The Legislature (makes laws - made up of Parliament: the Crown, the House of Commons and the House of Lords)

(2) The Executive (puts laws into effect - the Crown and Government, including the PM and the Cabinet ministers)

(3) The Judiciary (administers justice by interpreting the law and legal deciding disputes - comprises of judges and courts of law, including tribunals and magistrates)

ALL OF WHICH are separate and should act separately – you may have heard this referred to as the "separation of powers"

Why is this important?

The separation of powers is critical to safeguard citizens' rights and liberties and guard against tyranny.

The Supreme Court explains further:

One of the earliest and clearest statements of the separation of powers was given by French social commentator and political thinker Montesquieu in 1748: 

‘When the legislative and executive powers are united in the same person, or in the same body of magistrates, there can be no liberty... there is no liberty if the powers of judging is not separated from the legislative and executive... there would be an end to everything, if the same man or the same body... were to exercise those three powers.’ 

According to a strict interpretation of the separation of powers, none of the three branches may exercise the power of the other, nor should any person be a member of any two of the branches. By creating separate institutions it is possible to have a system of checks and balances between them. 

Anti-Christian Hate Crimes in Europe Jump by 70% in One Year

A Christian persecution watchdog group released a major report this week chronicling a disturbing spike in anti-Christian hate crimes in Europe.

Cathedral Demands Vax Passes to Attend Services

Durham Cathedral - Britain's best-loved church building - is demanding Covid passes from worshippers – in defiance of official Church of England guidance. 

All those attending Christmas services will need to show proof either that they are vaccinated, have tested negative within the previous 48 hours or have recovered from the virus. 

The extreme move has sparked anger, with critics pointing out that it is 'profoundly at odds' with the spirit of the festive season. 

In its Covid guidance, the Church of England says it has 'a clear policy of encouraging people to be vaccinated, but, other than in very exceptional circumstances, [it is opposed] to limiting access to church services or organisations on the basis of vaccine certification'. 

Supreme Court allows Texas Heartbeat Act to stand

The United States Supreme Court released Friday a pair of decisions in the challenges to a Texas law effectively banning abortions upon detection of a fetal heartbeat, rejecting the Biden administration’s challenge to the law while allowing abortion industry lawsuits to proceed in the lower courts.

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