The Twelve Apostles - Who Were They?

The word disciple ” refers to a “learner” or “follower” The word “apostle” refers to “one who is sent out” While Jesus was on earth, the Twelve were called Disciples. The Twelve Disciples followed Jesus Christ, learned from him, and were trained by him. 

Conservatives Of The World Unite

Meet one of the most effective champions of Christian homeschooling in America – perhaps, indeed, the entire world!

The Marxist attack on the Family

Same sex marriage, teaching children that there are more than seventy different ‘genders’ (and counting), ‘safe spaces’ for university students – at first sight it’s all so crazy that the phrase “political correctness gone mad” seems apt. But, in truth, it is not ‘mad’, but EVIL!


Templar Report: The War on the Unborn

Give birth to a baby, kill it, attempt to burn it and then bury the remains; for this crime young Brooke Richardson received one year in prison. That is American justice in 2019!

After Bolton – Trump’s Great Chance

Is this the moment Donald Trump really takes control of US foreign policy and stakes his claim in History as a great man of peace  who helped make a truly safer world? By removing the psychotic warmonger John Bolton, the President opened the door to this possibility, but it now all depends on who he picks as his successor.

Study: Physically Fit = Stronger Brains

It’s no secret that exercise can be beneficial from a psychological perspective. A session at the gym or jog around the neighbourhood can help us clear our mind, reset our thoughts, and improve our mood. Now, a team of German scientists have discovered that being physically fit is also associated with better brain structure and functioning in young adults.

School Killings Plot Highlights Satanic Menace

The attempted mass stabbing of middle school students in Polk County, Florida is a powerful reminder of the deadly danger of the promotion and rise of Satanism in America. With the drive to ‘normalize’ devil worship growing relentlessly, the shocking incident at Bartlow reminds us that spreading Satanism is not a victimless expression of ‘religious liberty’, but a wicked evil with grave consequences.

LGBTQ activists abuse Christians

The intolerant bigotry of the LGBTQ+ brigade was displayed yet again last weekend. Dozens of Christians peacefully protesting a drag show in West Michigan exploiting persons with Down syndrome this were repeatedly abused as “Jesus freaks” and told to “f*** off” by the ‘tolerant’ leftists and ‘gays’ attending the event.

Kilmartin Grave Slabs, Scotland

Kilmartin Glen, deep in the highlands, is one of the most mysterious places in all Scotland. Within just six miles, a huge collection of standing stones, stone circles and carved rocks make up the richest prehistoric landscape in Scotland. And the grave slabs at Church Glen show how the tradition was kept going – or revived – by the Knights Templar.

The Knights Templar Order