The Templars and Saladin

1170 was a year of drama. In June, a cataclysmic earthquake devastated large areas of the Middle East. Castles were severely damaged. Town walls were thrown over. Lives were shattered beyond repair. An age of piety saw the hand of God in this. People in the crusader states felt the chill omen of destruction in the air.

Backbench Tories Join Stand for Parents' Rights

Twice-deported illegal alien charged with murdering two men in Tennessee

A twice-deported illegal alien from Honduras was charged with murder twice last week in Nashville, Tennessee.

Terror Time Bomb is Ticking Away

School appoints AI chatbot as its new 'headteacher' in UK first

A top £32,000-a-year private school has appointed an AI chatbot as its new 'headteacher' in UK first - a 'headteacher' who won't give unruly pupils a ticking off in the office or make speeches to the school at assembly. What a grim march to transhumanism we're taking.

No Room for Porn in a Decent Society

Bill proposes extreme euthanasia regime for Isle of Man

An assisted suicide and euthanasia bill, more radical than any similar legislation in the US or recently proposed in the UK, will be debated later this month in the Isle of Man.

The Fanatic Behind Those "Beheaded Babies"

Australia Votes Against National Guilt Trip

Australia has said 'No' to a monstrous liberal attempt to enshrine national guilt and anti-white propaganda in the heart of government.

Voters have resoundingly rejected the liberal referendum proposal to create an advocacy committee to offer advice to Parliament on policies that affect Aborigines.

More than 59% of voters opposed the so-called Voice to Parliament with almost half the votes counted by Saturday. The loss is unofficial but is not contested.

The common sense vote follows massive and sustained Australian resistance to tyrannical Covid lockdown measures. Clearlly there's some life left in the Lucky Country yet!

The Knights Templar Order