Carl Orff – O Fortuna – Latin and English Lyrics

Take a listen to this massively powerful music – heavily linked to Templar imagery and mythology.


Romania Votes On Sanctity Of Traditional Marriage

Romania looks set to provide another sign of the growing gulf between the liberal West and the Christian East as it recovers from seven decades of alien Communism. 

Terror Suspect Was ‘Out On Bail’

The alleged ringleader of a Dutch terror cell accused of plotting a major attack was out on probation when he was arrested on Thursday, it has been revealed.



Tombs of the Templars and The Lost City of London

The Knights Templar came into being in around 1129 as an Order of “fighting monks” tasked principally with the protection of  Christians on pilgrimage to the Holy Land, and with participation in Crusades (and incidentally with infrastructure and finance).  They soon became immensely wealthy and powerful, with a strong presence in the English capital, London – traces of which survive to this very day.


Meet The Europeans That Outbreeds All Others!

When some new readers question our assertion that it only takes a small number of committed families to produce a demographic revolution, they often also ask us for an example. Well, here’s a really good one!


Is Chivalry Alive Or Dead in the 21st Century?

A dilemma of ethics and political correctness to the millennial man.

Was Robin Hood one of the Knights Templar?

According to legend he’s annoyed the sheriff, sneaked into St Mary’s Church and maybe even propped up the bar at the Olde Trip.

St Michael the Archangel – patron saint of soldiers

29th September is the Feast Day of St Michael the Archangel – patron saint of soldiers. Find out more about the chief of all God’s mighty army of angels in this inspiring little video.


The abortion lobby Doesn’t Want You To See THIS Movie

Planned Parenthood butcher babies for profit, so it’s no surprise that they are scared of and angry about the new movie, Gosnell, which lays bare the horror of the abortion industry.


The Knights Templar Order