Rape is "Not an Emergency" say Police

World Athletics excludes gender confused men from female events in landmark ruling

World Athletics has chosen to exclude "transgender women" - men - who have gone through male puberty from female events.

Lord Coe said the body has taken “decisive action” in a bid to “protect the female category in our sport”.

MPs Back Stay at Home Mums

Not everyone is happy with the UK Conservative government's massive push to get even more mothers of even younger children out to work, with a corresponding massive growth in the power and influence of the State over the next generation. This thoroughly un-conservative policy has been criticised by several Tory MPs, who have said that the Government should value mums who choose to stay at home to look after their children.

Former Cabinet member George Eustice and backbencher Miriam Cates questioned whether the budget announcement extending free childcare to encourage mothers back into work was family-friendly.

Last week, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt pledged free childcare “for eligible working parents of children from 9 months until they start school”.

Speaking in Parliament, Mrs Cates said: “The Treasury thinks the answer to our financial challenges is to send more mothers to work.” But, the 40-year-old mother-of-three countered, “It is heartbreaking when mothers feel they have no choice but to leave their babies in childcare from a very young age because of the financial imperative.”


Stay-at-home moms are beneficial to society, despite what the media says

A number of media outlets have apparently taken issue with so-called “tradwives,” a term which just refers to women who stay at home and take care of the kids, clean, and cook while their husbands goes to work.

KT Demographic Warning Goes Mainstream

We in the Knights Templar have been sounding the alarm about the oncoming Demographic Winter and its threat to the entire industrial world for years now. Initially, we were almost a lone voice; no-one else seemed even to recognise the problem, let alone talk about it, still less try to do anything about it.

Then a few outliers started to take notice of the looming crisis. Even a handful of governments began to act, particularly under Orban in Hungary and Putin in Russia. But the reaction in most Western media outlets was either to sneer at them or to keep ignoring the issue.

Not any more. Recent months have seen all of Britain's liberal newspapers, for example, suddenly start writing about the demographic crisis. The Guardian, Times and Independent have all taken to covering the issue. A Guaridan piece the other day is typical. On 22nd March the paper ran a story entitled 'Beijing’s population falls for first time since 2003 as China battles low birthrate'. The piece reported that the "Chinese capital saw more deaths than births in 2022 as high cost of living and education as well as legacy of one-child policy take their toll".

UK Supermarkets Running Low on Stock

Christian Teacher Fired for Saying ‘Homosexuality is Invading the Church’

A Christian teacher has been fired from his post after claiming that “homosexuality is invading the church” on social media.

Father of five Dr Aaron Edwards was reportedly fired from his teaching position at a Methodist college in England after alleging that “homosexuality is invading the church” in a post he uploaded to social media.

Fonda Incites Murder of ProLifers Video

Stop ULEZ - Sack Khan!

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