Genocide and Low Birthrates

Sometimes the truth comes from people you wouldn't expect it from. China's Ambassador to Grenada, Dr Zhao Yongchen, accused US and European leaders of pursuing a "genocide policy" against their own populations.

Rioters torch, destroy centuries-old churches in Chile

Two Catholic churches were destroyed in Chile’s capital city Sunday in the wake of riots marking the one-year anniversary of anti-government protests that called for a new constitution. 

Who Created ISIS? Templar Report VIDEO

The fake news media portray ISIS as a gang of monsters who seemingly appeared out of nowhere. The reality, as this short series investigation by Nick Griffin sets out, is that the "Islamist headcutters" were the creation and the pawns of sinister 'Western' vested interests from the very start.

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No sign of second wave: ONS data shows normal level of deaths for time of year

There's no sign of a second wave of coronavirus, experts said, as new numbers from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) showed deaths are just 1.5 percent above the five-year average and are on a normal trajectory for the time of year.

The Future Is Australia - Tyranny

As Australians struggle through seven or eight decades of economic pain resulting from the coronavirus lockdown, they will need to remember what Generation Lockdown achieved: dozens, perhaps even hundreds of nursing home residents in their '80s and '90s may have lived several months longer than they would have done if the country's economy hadn't been wrecked. The thousands of people who die of untreated cancer or lockdown suicide will have the consolation of knowing that their sacrifice might have kept a dementia ward safe for another few weeks of zero-quality life for a handful of poor old souls who would never have chosen such a lingering end had they been able to decide otherwise.

London Church Attacked in Broad Daylight

Video footage from London this week shows the cross on the Chadwell Heath Baptist Church in east London being hauled down by a young man making no attempt to conceal his identity, despite the widespread acceptance of people wearing masks in public and the presence of several witnesses.

Covid Masks Cancer Threat

The REAL Corona virus health crisis isn't just the thousands already doomed to die of uncaught cancers and other diseases. It's not even the future impact of the covid-vaccination scam that Bill gates is lining us all up for. Evidence is also emerging that the covid masks being forced on us all as the price of going about our daily lives are themselves carcinogenic.

Knights Templar fortified village of La Couvertoirade, France

A relatively short drive (30 minutes, 38kms) from the Millau Viaduct bridge, by Norman Foster - the tallest bridge in the world (37 meters shorter than the Empire State Building), by taking exit 48 (signposted to Le Vigan, Cornus, Alzon), one reaches the Knights Templar Castle and fortified village of La Courvertoirade - one of the most beautiful villages in France, that was built in the 12th and 13th centuries.

Christ is the ONLY Correct Faith VIDEO

In the latest Sunday Service, Pastor Dowson examines the question of Faith. After demolishing the idea that only the members of any particular church as true Christians, he leads us through a study of the different sorts of faith. Words and even sound doctrine alone are most definitely not enough, the walk must measure up to the talk.

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The Knights Templar Order