Westminster Council offers option to AVOID handshakes with women

England, UK: Westminster City Council has been slammed for asking new citizens if they have an objection to shaking hands at their citizenship ceremony.

Farage and a Very Strange Friend

Jim Dowson and Jayda Fransen

EU Parliament votes on making abortion part of its Charter

Members of the European Parliament have voted 336-163 in favour of a motion to enshrine abortion in the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights.

They Opened the Gates of Hell

Allowing 'silent prayer' in 'buffer zones' still under consideration

A UK government minister has hinted that “silent prayer” might still be allowed in abortion clinic 'buffer zones', despite numerous attempts by MPs in the House of Commons to criminalise it.

Is Klaus Schwab Headed Back to Hell?

Climate Expert Slams "Extreme Weather Porn"

Migrant stabbed two in France for drinking alcohol

An Afghan migrant stabbed a man to death after becoming angry when he saw them drinking alcohol during Eid.

The Knights Templar Order