Nearly 100,000 Americans died of drug overdoses in 2020

When assessing the economic and healthcare impacts of the coronavirus, we often fail to recognize the massive collateral damage from the long months of lockdowns, business closures, anxiety and fear that spread across our nation in 2020.

Fedcoin Tyranny Comes Closer

The anonymous security of cash in the USA could end even sooner than many people fear if an experiment due to begin within just a few weeks convinces the Democrat regime that a central bank digital currency can work and be foisted on the American people.

Officials at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have been developing prototypes for a digital dollar platform, dubbed FEDCOIN.

“The fire has been lit,” said Josh Lipsky, who has helped convene government officials from the U.S. and other countries working on digital currencies as director of the GeoEconomics Center at the Atlantic Council. “The world is moving very quickly on these projects.”

The woke are coming for the birds!

Woke warriors are behind a drive to rename hundreds of bird species because their names are deemed to have links to slavery and colonialism.

GOP Labelled #1 Security Threat

With Vaxxy Joe demanding even worse online censorship to stamp out resistance to forced vaccinations, another totalitarian straw in the wind has emerged in comments on MSNBC.

A senior former Department of Homeland Security (DHS) official just called the Republican Party "the Number One security threat to the United States of America".

Spain’s high court: Covid lockdown 'unconstitutional'

Following a recourse by Vox, a popular conservative movement, Spain’s Constitutional Tribunal has judged that the first COVID-19 confinement in the country was illegal and unconstitutional and that the “fundamental rights” of Spanish citizens were violated by government measures against the sanitary crisis, even though they had been approved by successive votes in Parliament.

Great Reset Resistance - Another Radio Show

“Deus Vult II – The Great Reset Resistance: Part 2.” In this show, originally broadcast on July 15 2021, host Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Andy is joined by Nick Griffin.

They discuss: the early Christian Martyrs and how martyrdom created Christianity; Foxe’s Book Of Martyrs and the importance of this; how our job is to safeguard our faith for the generations to come; why America is now an occupied country; how the Bible will go underground; the dispensationalist heresy; why “The Great Reset” is doomed to failure; the wisdom of Archbishop Vigano; Etienne de la Boetie’s vivid picture of tyranny and how we can defend ourselves against it; America’s looming financial crisis; Christian birthrates vs. Liberal birthrates; how money is not the root of all evil, the love of it is; why cryptocurrency is a very large part of the resistance to The Great Reset; what is to be done; and many other topics.

EU Goes Full Anal on Christian Europe

The ultra-liberal tyrants of the European Union have launched legal action against Hungary and Poland to force LGBTQ+ propaganda on Christian nations in Eastern Europe.

The move marks an upsurge in the liberal totalitarian assault on traditional values.

Covid: French protesters take to the streets

Following President Macron’s announcement on Monday to extend the sanitary pass and make vaccination mandatory for healthcare workers, thousands of people took the streets this Wednesday, July 14, France’s national day. 

Honour Killings: Virginity tests to be banned in UK

England and Wales are set to make virginity testing a criminal offence as campaigners warn the unscientific practice leaves women and girls at risk of so-called 'honour' killings.

The Knights Templar Order