WTC Tower 7 Report Raises Real Questions

We have long looked with disdain at the plethora of frankly absurd conspiracy theories that swirl around the 9/11 tragedy. Many of them are patent nonsense, but growing popular distrust of the fake news media and habitually dishonest authorities has led more and more people to the point where they believe everything bad they read about the Powers That Be. So far has this sense of alienation gone that many people manage to subscribe to several mutually contradictory 'conspiracy theories' at the same time.

Yet a new report, dealing with the previously inexplicable 9/11 collapse of World Trade Center Tower 7, forces us to the very reluctant conclusion that there is indeed something very wrong with the official account of that part of the disaster. Repulbican veteran and former Reagan-era staffer Dr. Paul Craig Roberts takes up the story:

Christian man has detention extended in Egypt

A Christian man in Egypt has had his detention extended for another 45 days due to a Facebook post that insulted Islam.

Alberta Goes to War on Unvaccinated

The Premier of Alberta has broken his pledge to reject vaccine passports. The screeching U-turn means that the province will join the growing list of places waging low-level warfare against all those who refuse to take experimental and abortion-tainted vaccines against the rebranded flu virus.

Trust WHICH science?!: Children get 'better' immunity by catching Covid naturally

Children may get 'better' immunity from catching Covid naturally instead of getting one dose of a vaccine, a scientist said this week amid a row over the UK's decision to jab 12-year-olds.

Vaxx More Dangerous Than Covid to Teens

Healthy boys may be more likely to be admitted to hospital with heart inflammation from the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID vaccine than with COVID itself, according to a new pre-print study.

Rochdale rapists say deportation is against their human rights

Grooming gang rapists Adil Khan and Qari Abdul Rauf, 52, were jailed in 2012 for organising child sexual exploitation in Rochdale, Gtr Manchester.

Facing Jail For Quoting the Bible

When we warned several years ago that Christians would soon be facing prison cells and 'cancellation' simply for quoting the Bible, some people though the Templars were being alarmist. But Finland has just become the latest country to turn our prophesy into hard reality.

Christian preacher prosecuted under Covid regulations has fine dropped

A Christian street preacher who was ordered to pay a fine and removed from the area during Covid has had his case to persue the fine dropped. 

Supply Chains Start to Snap

It begins! As the lockdown/climate dismantling of our society gathers pace, supply chains across the developed world are starting to snap. The excuses differ from country to country, but the underlying reason is the same: the global elite's deliberate destruction of the means of production, distribution and exchange - all just part of the Great Reset Great Sacrifice to the revived Earth Goddess of the 'New Age'.

This piece from Reuters explains the current state of play:

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