Epstein Arrest: Peak Swamp?

“Bernie Birnbaum is a horse of a different color, ethics-wise that is….
… as in he ain’t got none!”

— Johnny Caspar, “Miller’s Crossing”

‘Stasi’ BBC Threat to Pensioners

The far-left BBC has very fittingly been denounced for planning Communist ‘Stasi’ secret police tactics against millions of British pensioners. The BBC was today blasted for its ‘deeply upsetting’ plan to send squads of TV licence fee ‘police’ to pensioners’ homes to bully them into paying the annual £154.40 fee. 

Britain’s “best-loved building”

Durham Cathedral is one of the great churches of Europe and is widely rated as Britain’s “best-loved building”.

Another Vicious Snake Strikes!

Deadly Nuclear Leak Poisons Pacific

A group of islands halfway between Australia and Hawaii have been found to contain deadly levels of radiation, 1000 times higher than toxic sites of stricken nuclear power stations at Chernobyl and Fukushima.

Necessity – The Excuse Of Tyrants

It is often argued that Facebook is a private enterprise and therefore free to censor whatever it wishes.

The Chant of the Holy Templars

The Knights Templar have fascinated idealists and lovers of mystery for many hundreds of years.

Liberal Amazon Persecutes Ex-Gays

After Amazon banned books offering help to those dealing with unwanted same-sex attraction, former gays launched a petition demanding the online retailer reverse its decision.  

Knights Templar – full-length documentary

The Knights Templar were essentially the most powerful and elite fighting force in the history of Christendom. They guarded thousands of travelers to the Holy Land from bandits and Muslim slave raiders.

The Knights Templar Order