England’s great un-PC folk festival lives on!

This evening is Guy Fawkes’ Night in Britain. Traditionally one of the great folk festivals of the year, it has been deliberately downgraded in recent years by the Establishment – particularly the BBC – on account of its nationalistic, “anti-European” undertones.


MSM Cover Up New Migrant Army Poised To Smash Its Way In!

The mainstream media are keeping the crisis hidden from you, but an armed force of 20,000 young men is right now poised to overwhelm thinly stretched police forces on the Bosnian-Croatian frontier.


The Future of Christianity

Does Christianity have a future? The Polish thinker of the twentieth century Kolokovsky once very accurately said that the struggle against Christianity is not conducted through discussion. The main weapon is a senseless cackling. Not the arguments of opponents, not a system of proofs, not philosophical reflections … But a denial of dialogue and a meaningless laugh.


The Battle of Passchendaele

Hundreds of thousands of men perished in one of the bloodiest campaigns of the First World War – the battle of Passchendaele.

The Story of the Unknown Warrior

On November 7th, 1920, in strictest secrecy, four unidentified British bodies were exhumed from temporary battlefield cemeteries at Ypres, Arras, the Asine and the Somme. None of the soldiers who did the digging were told why. This is the fascinating story of what was going on.


5 Shocking Ways Big Tech Is Killing Free Speech

Freedom of speech is under attack in social media.

If you express any view that’s considered anti-abortion, pro-marriage, or in some other way politically incorrect, your post could be removed … your entire Facebook page could be removed … and you could have your account closed permanently.

Leftist Banner Confirms It - Abortion Is A WEAPON AGAINST Our People!

Abortion is a weapon used by the enemies of European civilisation and Christianity to destroy our society. If you still find that a little hard to believe, just look at these telling images from Germany!


Free At Last – Hungarian Journalist Cleared Over Tripping Of Jihadist

A victim of liberal persecution and a mainstream media hate campaign who was helped by the KTI has been cleared of wrong-doing by the Hungarian Supreme Court.

Onward, Christian Soldiers

Glory to the Holy Crusaders, the soldiers of the Holy Cross and Jesus Christ!

Glory to the warriors of European and Christian glory and honour!

Glory to the brave heroes! Onward, Chrisitan Soldiers...

The Knights Templar Order