We live at a time when people are becoming increasingly vindictive. Their morals are deteriorating and their minds are darkened.

This day in history: The Battle of Hastings

On this day in 1066, England was wrenched from the Scandinavian/Germanic world and tied instead to the French/Latin world. One of the most significant battles in world history took place on 14th October, 1066, ending in victory for the invaders, disaster for the English and changing the nation forever.


Liberals Are Destroying The Second Amendment Through The Backdoor

‘Liberal’ politicians in the USA have long wanted to cripple the First Amendment – and now they’ve hit on a way to do it through the back door!


This day in history – 1479, combined European army led by Hungarians smashes Ottoman invasion

One of the greatest victories of the Christian resistance against the Ottoman attempt to conquer central Europe took place today in 1479.

King Arthur, The Holy Grail and Camelot

The legend of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table is one of the most powerful myths in the “Ancient Matter of Albion”.

Robert the Bruce & the Knights Templar

BANNOCKBURN has long been heralded as Scotland’s finest victory over the English.

American Taxpayers Hit By ANOTHER Military-Industrial Complex Rip-Off!

The American taxpayer has been ripped off – yet again – by the military-industrial complex! 


Google the "GOOD CENSOR"

Watch & Listen To Simply STUNNING Mystic Chant

This has to be one of the most mystical and magical Christian chants we have EVER heard. And the images on this inspirational video are stunning as well. Do watch it, and please pass it on!


The Knights Templar Order