Knights Templar – The True Story

“The medieval world had never known anything like the Knights Templar”. That’s the grand claim that opens this well-produced documentary, and the video itself delivers what it promises.

“Redneck” – origins of American slang

The names “Hillbilly” and “Redneck” are used as semi-racist and generally derogatory terms against entire communities of European-Americans.


350,000 Americans Donate To Build Wall

If you want something done – do it yourself! That’s the lesson that a third of a million Americans have taken to heart by reaching into their own pockets to help build the Beautiful Wall that American voters elected Donald Trump to deliver.

The Iran Obsession and Qatar

Gen. Charles Wald (Ret.) wants the U.S. to deliver an absurd ultimatum to Qatar just like the Saudi-led bloc did two years ago:

How to Craft an English Longbow

Actually originating from Wales, the mighty longbow became the basis of English military might for centuries.

KTI Peacemakers In Belfast Bonfire Crisis

Senior members of the Knights Templar International were deeply involved in crucial attempts to defuse dangerous community tensions in Belfast, Northern Ireland, last evening.

Outrage! Tommy Robinson jailed…AGAIN!!!

Outrage! Tommy Robinson jailed…AGAIN!!!

The Hidden Templar: Tories and Neocons

This Hidden Templar analysis deals primarily with Brexit and the race to become UK Prime Minister but touches on issues that directly effect our American listeners.

Putin: “Leave Children In Peace!”

At a time in which the political leaders of the West have completely surrendered to the LGBTQ+ agenda, it’s refreshing to have one head of state who stands up for family values and the straight majority.

The Knights Templar Order