Teacher sacked for opposing LGBT brainwashing

A British Christian parent has finally stood up against LGBTQ+ brainwashing of five-year-olds – and has immediately been sacked for speaking out.

Sri Lanka Church Bombings Kill over 200

At least 207 people were killed and hundreds more wounded in a series of bomb blasts that hit churches and hotels across Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday.


Easter Sunday in the Philippines

The only majority Catholic nation in Asia, the devotion to Jesus and tradition in the Philippines should be an inspiration to us all.

Holy Week - Easter Sunday

On East Sunday we reach the culmination of Holy Week. The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the most important event, the crux, you might say, of the Christian faith. The very foundation of all Christian doctrine hinges on the truth of this account.


Easter Sunday in The Cradle of Christianity

As Americans celebrate Easter, remember our brave Christian brothers and sisters who risked Islamist bomb threats to celebrate Easter in the streets of Syria

New evidence of the resurrection of Jesus

In a stunning development in the long history of the Turin Shroud, scientists found evidence that it is stained with the blood of a torture victim, supporting claims it was used to bury Jesus. If it was a ‘medieval forgery’, those responsible could not possibly have known that, one day, such technology would exist, so the new findings provide perhaps the strongest evidence yet that the Shroud is GENUINE!


Easter Saturday - the Empty Cross

While Good Friday and Easter Sunday are absolutely central to the events and importance of Holy Week, today – the day of the empty Cross – has huge significance for Mankind as well.


Bully Vs Slender Girl – Result Goes VIRAL!

A slender cashier from the Russian city of Vladimir has become famous on social media. Karina Eremeeva stepped in to protect a customer from another man who was banging his head against a fridge.


Templar Report: Good Friday Message

Our guest presenter and ordained minister Jim Dowson is here to give us a very special Templar Report on this most holy of days.

The Knights Templar Order