Jesus’ Trial, Crucifixion, Death, and Burial

Good Friday is the most difficult day of Passion Week. Christ’s journey turned treacherous and acutely painful in these final hours leading to his death.


The Day that Saved the World

To mark this most Holy of days, listen to the beautiful voice of Alison Krauss singing Down To The River To Pray.

Holy Stairs Jesus Climbed On Good Friday

The marble steps Jesus is believed to have climbed before being sentenced to crucifixion have been unveiled after 300 years. 

Templar Report: Worldwide Templar Ban

They are not playing anymore. This is the persecution we warned was coming and it has arrived. Facebook, in an unprecedented move, has permanently banned us from their platform...

KTI Permanently Banned from Facebook

Today, The Knights Templar International were informed that we are to be permanently banned and declared a "dangerous organisation" by Facebook.

Entire COUNTRY Goes Sodom!

What future can there be for a whole country which stands back and lets clergymen blaspheme against the Lord our God? A diocese of the Church of Sweden has recently released a new guide for “Christian queer kids”, local news website Nya DagBladet reports.


Notre Dame And Some Inconvenient Truths

Political controversy is already swirling around the still warm charred wreckage in the forlorn ruin of Notre Dame Cathedral. ISIS have not claimed responsibility, but have put out online propaganda gloating over the fire.


Heroism: Paris Priest Shows Us What It Means

The word ‘hero’ is often used very loosely today, but one man in particular emerged from the terrible Notre Dame inferno having reminded us all of what it really means. The brave French priest who helped the wounded in the Bataclan terror attack on Paris and who survived an ambush in Afghanistan also did something truly remarkable and selfless as the flames raged in the heart of Paris.


Templar Report: Fired For Quoting The Bible

When the most highly paid sports star in your country is not safe from the anti-Christian bigots, you know your society is in deep trouble...

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