UK Imposing Abortion on Northern Ireland

British M.P.s passed amendments Tuesday to legalize abortion and homosexual “marriage” in Northern Ireland if the devolved Northern Ireland Assembly at Stormont is not restored by October 21.

It is Official...London Has Fallen

Take a good look at these two photos, because they sum up the way the west in general, and Britain in particular, are headed, The top photo shows how police in London treat English demonstrators protesting in favour of the right to speak out about the Islamification of Britain. The bottom one shows the same police force trying pathetically to suck up to a hardcore Islamist fanatic.

Latest Drag Queen’ Pedo Outrage

IF California is now twinned with Sodom, Oregon is surely now the modern version of Gomorrah! That;s the only possible realistic conclusion from the latest trans-gender lunacy in Portland public libraries.

Templar Report_Furries, Fairies and Fakes

As our Templar delegation flew in to Pittsburgh for our conclave, throngs of weirdos gathered in Pittsburgh for the annual Furry convention. Yes, you read that right.

Pittsburgh Conference Report

The Knights Templar Order’s commitment to building a serious machine in the USA was once again demonstrated last weekend, with our first conference in one of America’s northern states. A leadership team from the Rosslyn Priory joined with brethren who travelled from all corners of the United States (and also from Canada) for two days of lectures, discussions, prayers and our unique Templar comradeship.


Five Key Aims of the Order

We aim to build a fraternity of like-minded Christians around a common enthusiasm for the inspirational heritage of the original Knights Templar.

Lemmy – Eve Of Destruction

While the best know version of the classic antiwar song Eve of Destruction is of course by Barry McGuire, this version of Motorhead’s Lemmy Kilmister and an entire orchestra is really something else.


Pro-family group defeat transgender ideology

A pro-life group in Spain has won a great victory against liberal persecution of those standing up against LGBTQ+ brainwashing of young children.

The Disgracing Of Disney And Resistance

Walt Disney would turn in his grave at such twisted decadence carried out under his name. The company which was once a byword for wholesome, innocent children’s entertainment has turned itself into a grotesque promoter of deviancy and the recruitment of children to the LGBTQ+ culture of death.


The Knights Templar Order