The Siege of the Moles

The high tide of Ottoman expansion to the west saw the Turks burrowing underground in an attempt to take Vienna. Not in the better known siege of 1683, but over 150 years earlier.

Be Fearless! Military motivation series

Don’t have fear in your life it will stop you from reaching your dream because you will be afraid to fail to try new things to improve your dream and you won’t like grinding to get to your dream because you think if I get there I’ll fail. No, you won’t don’t be afraid to grind and never give up and push to your dream until you get there.


UK Wakes up to Islamist Time Bomb

Young imams are being trained in a network of hardline Islamic schools across the UK that have been accused of promoting intolerance, a secret Government report has warned. This time, the threat comes not from radical Wahhabi ideas spread with Saudi Arabian money, but from the fundamentalist Deobandi sect, whose strength in Pakistan makes it extremely influential in many Muslim communities in Britain.


A parable for our times

The parable of the Prodigal Son is one of the most memorable and moving of all Our Lord Jesus Christ’s parables. Many who cannot name all Ten Commandments can nevertheless give a rough outline of the story. It has been widely represented in Christian art since the Middle Ages, and even today is often referenced in literature and film.


Atrazine and Feminisation

Atrazine is a drug that chemically reverses sex hormones. While liberals like to mock the facts as a “conspiracy theory”, the truth is that there is widespread evidence that it literally causes frogs to change sex. And THEY don’t eat the products grown with it, whereas humans do!


A Secret Door In The Sand

In a small bay in Scotland, a well-kept secret is hidden among the green hills. At first glance, it might not seem particularly impressive, but step inside and you’ll be amazed at what you see.


Hate Speech Laws Are Coming to Ireland

After the last number of years of looking across the Irish sea in abject horror at the police state the UK is rapidly becoming, it seems that the reaper has finally come for us too, just as we always knew it would.



The Francis Vatican should hang its head in shame.

Pope Francis & The Globalist Agenda

Pope Francis made a strong push for globalism on Thursday, calling for a “supranational, legally constituted body” to enforce United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and implement “climate change” policies. 


The Knights Templar Order