Immigration: A Humane and Christian answer

The number of illegal migrants risking life and limb to get into Europe is increasing all the time. Here are two shocking videos which give a glimpse of the desperate lengths these people will go to in their efforts to reach Western countries where they believe ‘the streets are paved with gold’.


Templar Report: RIP Brexit

Who Were The Twelve Apostles?

The word disciple ” refers to a “learner” or “follower” The word “apostle” refers to “one who is sent out” While Jesus was on earth, the Twelve were called Disciples. The Twelve Disciples followed Jesus Christ, learned from him, and were trained by him. 


A lesson for American patriots…

Brutal battles in defence of their people. While all eyes on the international stage on North Korea, over on the other side of the world in eastern Europe, a war is still raging between the EU and US Deep State puppet-Nazis of the illegal Ukrainian government, and ordinary Russian-speaking patriots who rose up to defend their communities from brutal ethnic cleansing designed to drag Vladimir Putin into war.



From the very first Christian victory at Covadonga in the mountains of Asturias, to the final cleansing of Grenada in 1492, the Long War to liberate Spain and Portugal from Islamist occupation and tyranny took more than seven hundred years.


War! A hundred times over!

Liberal in France still refuse to forgive a prize-winning French author for a fiery speech calling for resistance to the Great Replacement, Islamisation and what he controversially calls “the African Conquest”.


The Truth about The Da Vinci Code

Dan Brown’s book The Da Vinci Code may be a novel, but Brown claims that his book is based on research and that all the art, architecture and secret societies he describes are real. It’s a controversial claim because, if based in truth, The Da Vinci Code threatens to turn our view of history on its head.

The Oath of The Knights Templar

Be without fear in the face of your enemies.

Red Flag Laws and Disarming America

White-bread Americans are in for a rude awakening as they find themselves at the end of a barrel and being told to disarm under the guise of “Red Flag” gun confiscation laws.


The Knights Templar Order