Debunk Gender Madness

Insanity over gender is reaching an all-time high as we approach Peak Liberalism. In this very effective video, the whole steaming pile is debunked in just two minutes by a real expert.

Philippines – A holiday Destination For Christian?

You simply must put the Philippines on your bucket list. The most beautiful landscapes and the most incredible people. With 101 million inhabitants, most of them Christians, the Philippines is one of the biggest Christian nations in the world.


How NATO Pushed U.S. Into the Libya Fiasco

A key worry among American critics of NATO is that expanding the alliance into Eastern Europe may entangle the United States in conflicts that have little or no relevance to our genuine security needs.


The Unbiblical Teaching Distorting American Foreign Policy

The Blogmire is a very intelligent and well-informed Christian blog. Its editor introduces himself as follows:

Child-Snatching Big Business in Britain Today

A hidden scandal is ruining the lives of thousands of parents and children in a 21st century ‘white slavery’ system – operating in plain sight all over England.

Covadonga: When Spain fought Back

In 722 AD, Iberian Christians won a hard-fought battle over the Muslims in Covadonga, in the mountains of Northern Spain. This was the first Christian victory in the Iberian Peninsula over the Arabs and Berbers invading from north Africa under the Umayyad banner, and was the start of the 770-year effort to liberate Spain from the Isalmic yoke.


The forgotten Anglo-Saxon colony on the Black Sea coast

Although the name ‘New England’ is now firmly associated with the east coast of America, this is not the first place to be called that. In the medieval period there was another Nova Anglia, ‘New England’, and it lay far to the east of England, rather than to the west, in the area of the Crimean peninsula. The following post examines some of the evidence relating to this colony, which was said to have been established by Anglo-Saxon exiles after the Norman conquest of 1066 and seems to have survived at least as late as the thirteenth century.


Could YOU Keep The Templar Code?

What did it take be be a Templar? Could YOU have done it? And, bearing in mind that we have modernised the original to stay resolutely true to its spirit, but also to fit it to the 21st Century, could you belong with us NOW?


The Templar Church in Metz, France

The Templar Chapel was erected as part of a Templar’s commandry around the end of the 12th century.

The Knights Templar Order