TV Propaganda Exposes Liberal Extremism

A TV programme produced with German tax money shows the truly insane level of the national death-wish of the liberal elite – and their contempt for ordinary people.

Who exposed The UK Grooming Scandal?

If you believed the media – whether liberal mainstream or liberal ‘counter-jihad’ – you might think that Tommy Robinson was the first to take up the question of the mass rape of young English and Sikh girls by Muslim gangs.


Templar Report: Demographic Disaster

After a week of travelling, guest presenter Jim Dowson is back with this weeks instalment of Templar Report.


The Knights Templar in Spain

Discover how the Knights Templar expanded in Europe and Spain, visiting Churches and Castles that hide the Order´s secrets along the country.

Now THAT’S Real Gun Reform!

Teachers in North Carolina who rise to the challenge of being able to defend their pupils in the event of a mass shooter attack could get a pay rise if they carry concealed guns in the classroom.


Big Brother Policing Gets Worse by The Day!

Politically correct policing is no joke – it’s yet another worrying assault on freedom in Britain, and other countries are heading down the same dangerous road. Here are just a few of the latest shocking examples:


London, Knife crime and Sadiq Khan

The increasingly out-of-touch Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, is facing a massive backlash over his attitude during a TV interview on the city’s knife crime epidemic.


Templar Petition: Sack John Sweeney

Following the disgraceful hit piece on Tommy Robinson, We the licence fee payers DEMAND the immediate sacking of disgraced fake news purveyor John Sweeney and the scrapping of the left-wing mouthpiece show PANORAMA!

The Struggle For Europe: Battle of Vienna

On the 12th September, 1683, Poland saves Christianity.

The Knights Templar Order