Jihadists Planned to Attack Macron's Palace

Details about a recently foiled terror attack are now coming to light as French authorities have revealed that jihadists planned to lay siege to Élysée Palace, among other targets, at the start of Ramadan, local media reports.


Hidden Templar: Come Out Of Babylon

As western liberalism is approaches its end, the lord's anointed must prepare. The greater distance you can put between your family and the damned, the better! 

Templar Report: Terror and Venezuela

Remember way back when then candidate Donald Trump promised to scale back on foreign intervention? Has the war and big oil lobby seized control of the White House?

SPLC spill beans on YOUR Replacement

“You can’t stop it. It’s been planned for a while.” That’s the dispossession of Majority America they’re talking about – and it’s in a lecture by the far-left, ‘anti-racist’ Southern Poverty Law Center.


Tucker Stands Alone Against The Elite

One man dares to speak the truth! Just one man! Tucker Carlson. While the entire media industry in the USA sets out to repeat its Iraq War WMD shame with its new lies about Venezuela, Tucker alone has told it like it is.


Soure Castle and the Knights Templar

Soure Castle in Portugal was the first Portuguese castle of the Knights Templar. With the area still threatened by the recently defeated Caliphate armies, the site was fortified by the Templars as soon as they took control of it in March 1128.


Rosslyn Chapel – Secrets of the Templars

Rosslyn Chapel. Over the years, fevered speculation over this medieval structure has fuelled a series of quests to uncover what if any mystical and arcane secrets and codes may be encoded within its design. Is there is a hidden code, a hidden and lost language, now discovered and revealed?


The Spotter and Sniper Work Together

Snipers – silent, stealthy, deadly!

Robert De Niro Sides With Lying Press

A lying and over-important actor coming to the aid of the Lying Press and their ‘right’ to tell you lies without being called out for it – what’s not to dislike?!


The Knights Templar Order