The Knights Templar and Penhill Preceptory

Penhill is perhaps the most enigmatic Templar site in Yorkshire, perched three quarters of the way up the side of the hill from which it takes its name, a visitor to the site needs to be fairly energetic as the first part of the route is up a steep narrow lane, for the first 200 metres or so, from here we cut across grassland through stiles in dry stone walls, to at last reach the site surrounded by post and rail fencing to protect it from livestock.


There are Templars …. And there are Templars!

“I paid £1,500 for my full Sir Knight regalia and status and I’ve heard nothing since”. “I’m not going to join because I’ve seen that you’re masons”. We get calls and messages online like these every single day and, in every case the answer is the same: “You’ve got the wrong Knights Templar!”


March of the French Foreign Legion – Marche de la Légion Étrangère

“Le Boudin” (French lyrics/English translation)

“Le Boudin” is a reference to boudin, a type of blood sausage or black pudding. Le boudin colloquially meant the gear (rolled up in a blanket) that used to be carried atop the backpacks of Legionnaires.

Ancient Egyptian DNA reveals THIS about their genetics

A new DNA analysis of Ancient Egyptians shows they were more Turkish and European than African.

Knights Templar Symbolism

A video about the symbols of the medieval Knights Templar, featuring on their equipment, buildings, tombs etc.

Insane video shows decadence beyond belief – learn how it explains the Islamisation of the West!

Decadence beyond belief! What else can we say?

Bernie Refuses to Condemn Far-Left Violence

Underneath the old, genteel demeanour of Bernie Sanders is a raging NKVD agent just bursting to eliminate the "counter-revolutionaries" opposed to his radical agenda of free stuff for work shy and high tax for the actual working people.

Knights Templar in Ireland - Dublin - Clontarf

This short but fact-filled little video explores the castle and 12th century church in Clontarf on Dublin's north side.

London MP Trying To Sneak Full-Term Baby Murder Into Law

What sort of woman wants to legalise the killing of new-born babies? Well, Labour MP Stella Creasy wants to allow them to be butchered as long as it’s done just before they are actually born.


The Knights Templar Order