Film-Maker Visits Templar Castle in Portugal

OF all the countries in Europe, only one refused to turn against the Knights Templars when the corrupt King of France and a cowardly Pope demanded their destruction. The noble exception was Portugal.


Swedes Try To Obliterate Nature

At one level, this hideous little video is about the use of ruthless brainwashing in the effort to turn the next generation of Swedes into confused, genderless freaks against nature.


Texans Shut Down Drag Queen Library Reading

Parents and Christian activists in Texas have won a big victory over aggressively militant LGBTQ+ agitators who wanted to roll out the indoctrination and perversion of children in the Lone Star state!


Exposed: The Military-Industrial Complex

F-35 disaster: The point is to spend money … to send it to Lockheed Pierre Sprey, the “father” of the air power that makes the US makes great today, has issued a crushing verdict on the so highly acclaimed Lockheed Martin F-35. The aviation technology genius has slammed the plane as a second-rate failure whose real purpose is not to defend America, but to make money for Lockheed Martin and the politicians the military-industrial complex bribes to rattle sabres and boost defence spending.


YOU Are Being Watched – Constantly!

The surveillance state and creepy corporations – between them they know things about you that even you’ve forgotten! And it’s getting worse with every new passing day!


Iran War Would Become 'Trump's War'

President Donald Trump cannot want war with Iran.

Boy Kicked Out Of School For "Speech-Crime"

A pupil claims he was thrown out of class after a teacher reprimanded him for pointing out that there are only ‘two genders’.

John Bolton, National Security Manipulator

The Washington Post reports on John Bolton’s stranglehold on the policy process:

Pentagon and State Department officials have complained, however, about the difficulty of getting an adequate hearing for these debates under Bolton. As a result, arguments about policy frequently are not aired and do not reach the president [bold mine-DL]. The process is “very exclusionary, and Bolton has very sharp elbows,” the senior administration official said.

Templar Report: Living Christianity

Christianity's demise has been greatly exaggerated. The statistics tell one story, but the towns and villages in Europe, at least in Spain, tell a different story...

The Knights Templar Order