Ruins of Templar castle, Vrana, Croatia

Explore the ruins of the Templar castle in Vran, Croatia. Very few organisations in history have ever had the ‘reach’ and presence of the Knights Templar.


How a Special Diet Kept the Knights Templar Fighting Fit

GRAYBEARDS WERE THIN ON THE ground in the 13th century. For even wealthy landholding males, average life expectancy was about 31 years, rising to 48 years for those who made it to their twenties. The Knights Templar, then, must have seemed to have some magical potion: Many members of this Catholic military order lived long past 60. And even then, they often died at the hands of their enemies, rather than from illness.

Chivalry – the Templar Code of Honour

If you’re picturing a knight in shining armour rescuing a damsel in distress, you’re not alone.

Consider the 1885 Frank Dicksee painting below, simply titled “Chivalry”.

Temple Church – Scotland

Another lovely little video highlighting our ancient heritage. The original preceptory of the Knights Templar is all but gone with only this ruined medieval church as testament that they were there at all – other than the local place names.


100 Years Ago – America’s Bloodiest Ever Battle

America’s fallen heroes are always remembered! Officials, descendants of soldiers and visitors braved strong winds and rain to attend a remembrance ceremony on Sunday afternoon in the Meuse-Argonne cemetery, which is surrounded by green fields and forests in Romagne-sous-Montfaucon, a village in northeastern France.


Abortion – Understanding the Central Issue

It is easy to pick a side and never reconsider it; whereas it is hard to mull over a deeply held position for years, only to admit you don’t have all the answers. Most prefer the former. 


Ancient Templar Chant - soundtrack for what is to come!

Ancient chant of the Knights Templar. Still spine-tingling after more than seven centuries.

Propaganda, Social Engineering & 'Elite' Brainwashing

Propaganda is the act of deliberately spreading false or deceptive information, ideas, rumors, doctrines or principals propagated by an organization or movement to help or harm a target person, group of people, movement, institution, nation, etc.

The Day Thou Gavest, Lord Is Ended

The choir of the Abbey School, Tewkesbury sing Rev Clement Cotterill Scholefield’s beautiful hymn The day Thou gavest Lord is ended.

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The Knights Templar Order