Killing Freedom As Well As Babies

Chelsea Clinton is a fanatical advocate of the 'right' of mothers to kill their own babies. The Vice President of the Clinton Foundation has long been a vocal shill for abort-for-profit corporations such as Planned Parenthood. And now she is doing the dirty work of vaccine companies by demanding a clampdown on social media posts that question the safety of and need for the mass  covid vaccination of healthy young people to whom the disease poses absolutely no threat.

Video: Jayda Fransen CONFRONTS Nicola Sturgeon

Watch the brave warrior woman of our time, Jayda Fransen, as she confronts the leader of the Marxist SNP and first minister Nicola Sturgeon while on the campaign trail on Election Day, May 6th, in Scotland.

Big Tech Silences Christian Patriot on Election Day

The mainstream media continue with their endless and baseless conspiracy theory about 'Russian interference in our elections', but the real truth is that the only people guilty of such meddling are the globalist Lying Press and liberal Big Tech.

The latest example emerged yesterday. On the very day of the London mayoral elections in the U.K., Facebook imposed a 7 day ban on London Mayor candidate David Kurten, for his challenging of the global narrative and his opposition to COVID-19 lockdowns and vaccine passports.

Making sense of India’s COVID19 'surge'

India is currently witnessing a COVID-19 surge of unprecedented proportions, with an allegedly triple-mutant strain stretching the nation’s healthcare infrastructure to the limits.

The uncertainty hanging over the nation is compounded by viral despatches of dead bodies piling up in morgues; of people dropping dead in the streets; of despondent souls jumping off their balconies; and of funeral pyres all over the country. 

Disney targets kids as ‘pride’ month approaches

Disney, the former go-to company celebrating the wonder and innocence of childhood, is now peddling toys and clothing for kids awash in rainbow colors as well as pro-homosexual and pro-transgender messaging.

Mr REAL President - Sack These Advisors!

Yet again, Donald Trump's social media and campaign advisors have let down both Donald Trump and the millions of Americans who still believe he can make a political come-back and save America. A businessman of nearly 75 naturally isn't best placed to decide the way forward on social media, so he must of course rely on the advisors he pays with his followers' donations.

The Real President and his supporters are therefore entitled to the very best, but his much-hyped 'new social media platform' unveiled yesterday shows that, yet again, his advisors in this field have failed completely. Are they incompetent? Charlatans? Or deliberate saboteurs? Whichever it is, Mr. Trump needs to fire the lot and replace them with a new team with the will and ability to do things right.

This account of ‘selective reduction’ abortion is one of the most chilling you’ll ever read

In 2016, the Washington Post covered the story of Brittneyrose Torres, a woman serving as a surrogate mother. Her womb was being rented to gestate triplets, for which she was being paid up to $30,000. There had been twins originally, but one embryo had split. The biological parents asked her to “eliminate the female, citing medical concerns.” A doctor told Torres there was nothing wrong with the unborn little girl, and an acrimonious battle ensued.

Milo Throws 'Sodomite Ring' Into Pacific - VIDEO

"I say unto you, that likewise joy shall be in heaven over one sinner that repenteth, more than over ninety and nine just persons, which need no repentance." Luke 15:7

When the Templars helped produce and publicise a devastating study of the perverts, Satanists, Zionists and crackpots of the so-called 'Alt-Right', some of its harshest words were for 'Alt-lite' provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos. 

Since the study went out, there has been a steady stream of proof that everything the report's author wrote was true. The men he criticised as frauds and grifters have one by one turned up on the payrolls of the intelligence services or the far-left. And - far better - several of them have turned over new leaves. Degenerate pick-up artist and serial abuser of women Roosh V was the first, showing his sincerity by pulping and withdrawing his lucrative pick-up books and becoming a staunch and very intelligent advocate for Orthodox Christianity.



Assyrian Christians Seek Unity in Syria

(International Christian Concern) –  Three Syriac Christian groups launched an initiative seeking to unify the Syriac and Assyrian national ideology and discourse to present a unified Christian vision for Syria. The three political groups, the Syriac Union Party, the Assyrian Democratic Party, and the Assyrian Democratic Organization, seek to unify themselves, yet remain polarized on Kurdish issues.

The Knights Templar Order