Parents sue school district for encouraging daughter to think she’s a boy

A Wisconsin school district addressed a 12-year-old female student using both a male name and male pronouns against her parents’ objections, according to a lawsuit filed Wednesday.

Rosary Procession Leads Massive Freedom Rally

After a turbulent week in Melbourne, Catholics again turned out in force for a public Rosary procession, joining a huge Freedom rally that saw a total of more than 50,000 march against vaccine mandates and COVID tyranny.

For the third week in a row, a group of Catholics from all over Greater Melbourne processed from St. Patrick’s Cathedral to Parliament House, praying the Rosary and singing hymns. The group, which began with only 60 members, reached ten times that number in the second week, while more than 700 joined last Saturday’s rally.

FDA asks judge to delay full release of Pfizer’s COVID shot data to the public until 2076

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration wants to delay the release of Pfizer’s full COVID-19 mRNA jab data until the year 2076, a far-flung target date some 55 years after the federal agency gave the green light to roll out the experimental shots to millions of people in the country, according to a court document released in response to a legal challenge demanding transparency.

Vax Fails in Gibraltar but Austria Makes it COMPULSORY

Austria is set to become the first Western nation to make Covid vaccines compulsory for everyone as the government scrapped its 'vaccine apartheid' rules in favour of a full nationwide lockdown today.

Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg announced that, from February 1, everyone will be legally required to have a Covid vaccine. He did not make it clear which age groups will be included, though it is assumed there will be exemptions for the very young and those who have already been found to be allergic to the jabs.

Health Minister Wolfgang Muckstein said the government has consulted with constitutional lawyers who believe the move is legal. He added that 'violators' will likely face fines in the first instance rather than criminal penalties, but that details still need to be fleshed out. 

White working class pupils most deprived in UK

A report last year found white working-class children are being left behind by the school system and face a lifetime of economic disadvantage.

No War for Nato's Nazis!

It may be getting less media coverage than the latest ridiculous grifting antics of Meghan Markle, but that doesn't make the threat of a war between Nato and Russia over Ukraine any the less real.

Egged on by the warmongers of the Biden and Johnson regimes, the ultra-racist who run the failing Western puppet state of Ukraine are stepping up their daily attacks on civilians on their eastern border. The 100% Russian regions there broke away from Ukraine after a CIA/Soros-backed coup put an unholy Russian-hating alliance of Nazis and Zionists in power there.

Polish guards thwart two mass attempts by rock-throwing migrants to cross border

Polish border guards thwarted two 'mass attempts' to cross the border Tuesday night by rock-throwing migrants who tried to storm across a railway track from Belarus.

Elite Scramble for Private Jet Luxury

While the global elite's Great Reset has made air travel even once or twice a year a thing of the past for most of us peasants, a different sort of aviation crisis is hitting the super rich - they just can't buy enough private jets quickly enough.

Foul: Trans Uni Professor claims pedophilia isn't immoral

A Virginia university has placed a trans professor on administrative leave after they sparked outrage for claiming it is not immoral for adults to be sexually attracted to children. 

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