The old ways work! Scientists discover lullabies help babies' memories develop

If a lullaby or whispered sweet nothings help get a baby to sleep, that is more than enough for most parents.

But it seems a few gentle words could deliver another benefit: a better memory for infants.

A study revealed that babies are much more likely to remember good times than negative experiences. 

AltLite Pederast Milo Was Fed Snitch

Another one bites the dust! When the KTI distributed a damning indictment of the perverts, freaks and Satanists infesting the far-right, quite a few people were shocked by our position. Whether they were on the 'hardline' AltRight or the 'civic' AltLite, such people thought that we had gone too far in our warning that these creatures were many times worse than useless.

Four years later, everyone has come to agree with our analysis of Charlottesville - that it was a trap set by the Feds and the left right. Four years later, everyone has realised that, in addition to virtually all the main players being mad, they were also deeply bad. As time has passed, more and more of the individuals we warned you about have been exposed as working for the FBI all along.

The latest is Milo, the revoltingly blasphemous homosexual and apologist for pederasty who was the darling of the civic nationalist scene when he sang the Star Spangled Banner while dressed as a drag-queen and holding a Bible, and later regaled a Tommy Robinson rally with an account of his latest sexual encounter with a black man.


The facts about Milo's even worse relationship - with the Feds - came out in court documents related to a Charlottesville civil lawsuit. Trying to excuse his tardiness in submitting his defence, Milo included the following not-so-shocking revelation:


Baby born at 27 weeks, saved, by a sandwich bag

A premature baby who was smaller than her mother's hand has survived being born 13 weeks early after quick-thinking medics saved her life with a sandwich bag. 

Bill Gates' Agenda Comes Into Focus

How To Make Bill Gates Even Richer. That's the title of the Microsoft billionaire's new book. Or, rather, it should be. In fact, for PR purposes, he's called it How to Avoid a Climate Disaster. It's just an Inconvenient Truth that several of the technologies Gates says are vital to saving the planet just happen to be dominated by, err, Bill Gates!

46 residents in Spanish nursing home die after receiving COVID-19 vaccine

Forty-six nursing home residents who had received their first dose of Pfizer-BioNTech’s fast-tracked vaccination against COVID-19 at the beginning of January had died by the end of the month, Spanish media have reported.

Staff first reported a coronavirus outbreak at Nuestra Señora del Rosario (Our Lady of the Rosary), a nursing home in the province of Cadiz, Andalusia in Spain on January 12, in the wake of a vaccine distribution campaign.

U.N. Plan to Blacklist Sanity

The United Nations is laying the groundwork for a combination of legal sanctions and physical attacks on anyone - anywhere on the planet - who dares to question the corruption of children and perverse 'gender' dogma of the ruling elite.

More doctors condemn lockdowns: More harm than good

While there are likely many Canadian doctors who quietly agree that lockdowns as a cure for stopping the spread of coronavirus may be worse in the long run than the virus, some doctors have risked their reputations by publicly warning policymakers just how damaging lockdowns may prove to be. The following three doctors are especially noteworthy in this regard.

German Politicians Approve Surveillance State

You might think that the Germans would be VERY wary of giving enormous powers of electronic surveillance and control to the State. But no, the German Parliament has just ratified the globalists' Agenda ID2020.

Planned Parenthood giving kids ‘transgender’ hormone drugs with your tax money

They come with other girls, a woman inside the clinic explains, giggling like they're at the mall. Only they aren't at the mall. They're shopping for another gender. And Planned Parenthood is more than willing to oblige.

The Knights Templar Order