Christians Not Backing Down

Inspiring report on the California church that is refusing to bow down to lockdown.  Calvary Chapel Hills in Chino Hills California is defying government orders to bring the good news of the gospel to people in need. There is growing resistance to the liberal-left's exploitation of the artificial covid crisis as a means of deliberate sabotage of the economy and our traditional culture.

Joe Biden Forgets Where He Is VIDEO

Another day, another instance that shows that #GropeyJoe is becoming more #DopeyJoe as November draws closer. How much longer can his campaign team use the Covid excuse to shield the Democrats' presidential candidate from scrutiny?

US bishop: We must ‘reject any vaccine that is developed using aborted children’

Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler, Texas, has reiterated his opposition to vaccines created using cell lines from aborted babies in the face of UK bishops claiming that Catholics have a “duty to be vaccinated,” even if the making of the vaccine is morally problematic. 

Templar Report - Your Daily Dose of Truth

With so many lies and wrongs promoted on mainstream media, we all need a daily shot of truth, reality and Christian virtue. Fortunately, the Templar Report provides just that, every weekday evening at 6 p.m. (UK time). If you've not watched so far, take a look at last night's typical edition. And don't forget to subscribe and click for future alerts. Thanks for sharing this too....

Big Anti-Mask Protest in London

Anti-face mask activists descended on central London streets on Saturday to protest the government's announcement of extending the mandatory use of face coverings in public transport and supermarkets as well as other public areas. Protesters were seen marching towards Downing Street as they chanted and carried signs and banners. In common with the protesters, the police did not wear masks.

The major protest was completely hushed up by the controlled mass media.

Vandals Desecrate Church with Satanic Symbols

Unidentified vandals desecrated a church in Goleszów, southern Poland, last weekend, painting Satanic symbols on the main doors of the building.

Mystery and History - Knights Templar

military order that began circa 1129, the Knights Templar remained active until the first part of the fourteenth century. Templar knights wore pristine white mantles that sported a bright red cross. Known for military prowess, these highly skilled fighting units reached prominence during the Crusades. A major financial institution, the Knights Templar managed a large economic infrastructure throughout Europe. At dawn on Friday, Oct. 13, 1307 (possibly the origin the Friday the thirteenth superstition), French King Philip IV ordered the arrest and execution of the Knights Templar Grand Master Jacque de Molay and scores of other leading knights.
Kevin K. Main is an author and lecturer on the subjects of history, philosophy, and religious symbolism, particularly that of Ancient Greece and Europe during the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and the Enlightenment period. He has been a student of the history of the Knights Templar and early Christianity for over 20 years.

Coronavirus lockdowns don’t save lives

Draconian lockdowns of the type adopted in many American states are less effective at combating COVID-19 than strategies more narrowly targeted at those most in danger, according to a study of 10 different nations released this week by the conservative Heritage Foundation.

Sunday Service - 2nd August

If you haven't yet seen one of our Sunday Services, you really should give it a try. This may be your only chance to hear a real, traditional, powerful service. This is true Christianity. Open your ears, eyes and heart.

The Knights Templar Order