SF To Wipe Out George Washington

America is being deconstructed before our very eyes. San Francisco will spend up to $600,000 to paint over historical artwork at a public school depicting the life of George Washington. The mural, once seen as educational and innovative, is now criticized as racist and degrading for its depiction of black and Native American people.

Ely Cathedral – “the ship of the Fens”

Ely Cathedral, in the east of England, is a classic of Norman, Decorative Gothic, Romanesque and Romanesque architecture. 

IKEA Pushing The Homo Agenda

The world’s largest furniture retailer has been accused of anti-Christian bigotry after it fired an employee for quoting Bible verses on homosexuality.

How to Resist The Warmongers

The globalist warmongers are literally playing with fire, and all our lives! Russia has made it very clear that any attack on Iran will be regarded as an act of war.

Stunning Templar Fortress In France

Built by the Knights Templar, the fortress village of Couvertoirade is set in the heart of the dusty and otherwise inhospitable Causse du Larzac. As you approach you you are surprised by the two towers that spring from the rocky chaos all around.


The Heroes of South Africa & Rhodesia

When war broke out, South Africans and Rhodesians rallied to answer the call from Britain. The video below outlines South Africa’s heroic contribution, but Rhodesia is so politically incorrect that no footage detailing the extraordinary sacrifice of her menfolk can even be found.

Happy Fourth Of July, America!

Today, we Wish all our American brethren and supporters a very happy Fourth of July!

America Takes an Antifa Beating

I will not be in much of a celebratory mood this coming Independence Day.

Children Suspended For Resisting Brainwashing

LGBTQ+ zealots are the best recruiters that ISIS and similar Islamist extremists could have! Their relentless promotion of deviancy, coupled with the cowardly appeasement of liberal elites and mainstream Christian churches, makes radical Islamism ever more appealing to young Muslims disgusted by the decadence of the ‘west’.

The Knights Templar Order