Does God Exist – many absolute proofs!

Has the existence of God now been PROVEN? This series examines stunning evidence from science and the natural world that reveal the plain truth about the existence of God.


Warriors of the French Foreign Legion

The word “foreign” in the name French Foreign Legion does not refer to faraway battlegrounds. It refers to the Legion itself, which is a branch of the French Army commanded by French officers but built of volunteers from around the world.


Is Corporate Agriculture Poisoning Our Planet?

The worship of Mammon is killing God’s creation! And that includes us! Eating organic may reduce risk of cancer, study has found. 

The Health Risks of Ritual Slaughter Savagery

Knowledgeable critics always evoke the problems of ritual slaughter in the terms of suffering of the animal and the financial tax of Islam for the consumers. These problems are of course, real. There is another that concerns us all, and has the merit to be evoked. An essential question.

Transgender hormone blockers are ‘institutionalized child abuse’ says US pediatrician

An internationally recognized pediatrician has offered a jolting reality check about the dangers of encouraging children to think they are transgender and prescribing hormone blockers to prevent them from developing.


Medieval ‘New England’: a forgotten Anglo-Saxon colony on the north-eastern Black Sea coast

Although the name ‘New England’ is now firmly associated with the east coast of America, this is not the first place to be called that. In the medieval period there was another Nova Anglia, ‘New England’, and it lay far to the east of England, rather than to the west, in the area of the Crimean peninsula.


Miracles – The Proof?

Here are a few examples of things that can be used as proofs of the existence of supernatural things which are perfectly plausible to believe yet cannot be observed through the lenses of science.

Horror In Our Name, Murder With Our Taxes

he barbaric Saudi-led coalition assault on Yemen has taken an even more brutal turn with the launching of a full-scale attack on the port of Hodeidah; a vital lifeline for aid workers attempting to reach the millions starving to death in that war-plagued land.


State Sponsored Child Abuse Coming To Scotland

For years, many Scots resented the fact that Margaret Thatcher used their country as the testing ground for the Poll Tax. But now Scotland is to be made the laboratory for a toxic experiment in social engineering and mass child abuse. And this time it’s the misnamed Scottish National Party, enforcing the cultural Marxist dogma of ‘gender politics’.


The Knights Templar Order