Covid Lockdown - A Real Expert Speaks

After more than a year of an endless parade of hand-picked doom-mongers on our mainstream media, this full-length interview with a genuine medical expert is a massive breath of fresh air.

Retired doctor and NHS Consultant Pathologist, Professor Dr. John Lee demolishes the entire 'covid plague' narrative and savages the authorities who used lies and fear to impose ruinous and counter-productive lockdown measures to transform society.

We recommend you watch this whole programme, and pass it on, as quickly as possible, because it's only a matter of time before YouTube tosses this fine and important piece of truth-telling into the liberal censorship Memory Hole.

11th-Century French Chapel Vandalised

Police have launched an investigation after an 11th-century chapel in the French commune of Fabrègues was found with graffiti resembling the Pakistani flag.

The act of vandalism is believed to have taken place on Monday, according to the commune’s mayor Jacques Martinier who stated that he was informed about the desecration on Tuesday and immediately filed a complaint and alerted the local gendarmerie.

Christ Is Risen! Orthodox Easter

He is Risen indeed!

Wishing all our Orthodox brethren and followers a very peaceful and joyous Easter.

Pastor holds outdoor service in Ireland despite worship ban

An Evangelical pastor has said that he will hold a second socially-distanced service in Phoenix Park, Dublin this weekend, despite religious services being outlawed in Ireland. 

Another Great New Templar Report

Updates on the liberal counter-attack against the French military officers warning of civil war. More on the War on Meat  and how the Useful Idiot left are doing the work of some of the biggest corporate criminals on the planet. The wicked cruelty of the lockdown regime. And a stark, simple insight into your purpose in life.

With Brother Dowson away on Templar business, Nick Griffin steps in to host another solo Templar Report. Tune in and pass it on as well.

More medical experts say lockdowns ‘waste of time’

Three prominent medical experts recently spoke with the Toronto Sun about lockdowns, all agreeing that such measures are, in the words of the Sun, a “waste of time” with one going as far as saying they are “counterproductive.”

What Is 'Wokism'?

Like every other totalitarian movement, what some call liberalism and others more recently often describe as Cultural Marxism has developed an ideology which its adherents use to justify the imposition of tyranny on the society they seek to overtake. The ideology of America’s contemporary totalitarian left can be called wokeism.

The decimal point that blew up the world

This article was first published Dec 2020. We are re-publishing this because of the still significant data the article refers to, indicating there is not now and never has been a need for a vaccine for this relatively mild virus, or any “variants,” that are not as dangerous as the public wrongly believes. Enormous fear was generated by Fauci and others because of seriously incorrect interpretations of the data and that fear unfortunately still exists.

Faithful Priest Slams Lockdown Bishops

The fighting, faithful priest who warned America that "you cannot be Catholic and Democrat" has turned his righteous anger on the faithless bishops who failed to resist the closure of churches during lockdown.

“They lost the opportunity, they dropped the ball, they abandoned the sheep,” says Father James Altman. “It’s like a blinking pink neon sign,” repeatedly flashing the message that the Church is “non-essential, non-essential, non-essential.”

“Why should people believe in the real-presence [of Christ in the Eucharist] when the shepherds of the Church in this country and around the world have said it doesn’t matter if you receive or not?” 

The Knights Templar Order