Pro-Life MPs hit back

The ultra-extreme abortion law forced on Northern Ireland by the (not at all) Conservative regime of Boris Johnson came under fierce fire from pro-life MPs during a Commons debate last week. Pro-life politicians from across the United Kingdom rallied in defence of unborn children.

Anthem Of The Teutonic Knights

Everyone knows about the Knights Templar and their crucial part in the European resistance to Islamic aggression. But far away to the east another powerful Order of Christian knights played a key role in defeating paganism. The Teutonic Knights also distinguished themselves by fighting to the last man against the Mongol invasion. Even in death, their courageous efficiency was a factor in the Mongol decision to look for easier pickings elsewhere.


Heroism and the fight for freedom

The KTI are utterly opposed to the anti-Christian Marxist murderers of the IRA and their political wing Sinn Fein. But that does not mean that we are incapable of acknowledging the bravery and sacrifice of the men and women who fought and died to free Ireland from British rule.


Sabaton – The Last Stand Music

Great power metal soundtrack together with some brilliant Knights Templar imagery. We hope you’ll enjoy this track by Swedish power metal band Sabaton as much as we did when a brother sent us the link.


How The Templars Created Portugal

What were the Templars doing in Portugal? Why were the Templars so focused in Portugal? What has Jerusalem got to do with Portugal? Why was Portugal Europe’s first nation-state? How and why did the Templars secretly continue in Portugal after 1307 as the Order of Christ until the middle of the 19th century?


The Spotter and Sniper Work Together

Snipers – silent, stealthy, deadly!

Book Exposes Police and Grooming Gangs

Gang raped aged ELEVEN by a hundred men – but the police arrested HER! In yet another shattering account of life as one of an estimated one million British victims of ‘Asian’ grooming gangs, one brave victim has revealed that police knew she was being trafficked around the country to be raped by more than 100 men, but arrested her instead.


England’s Greatest Gift – Beowulf

“England’s greatest gift to the world”. That’s some claim, and famed historian Michael Wood makes it for Beowuf – England’s oldest poem.

People Smuggling Tunnels Found By Police

Hungarian police recently discovered two tunnels used to smuggle migrants into Hungary from Serbia. The tunnels were found at the same time that Hungarian police reported a five-fold increase in the number of migrants attempting to enter Hungary.

The Knights Templar Order