Special Forces Captain vs Abortion-Tainted Vaccine

Another good man has been hounded out of the American military for standing by his Christian principles! John Frankman, a former Special Forces officer and a convert to Catholicism, resigned his commission last month. Explaining that his career had been blocked since he defied President Biden's order forcing Covid vaccines in the military, Frankman  has spoken of his desire to be able to speak freely about the situation and his decisions:

"After years of pressure and the situation changing seemingly at a whim, I am separating from the Army. I am leaving because although the vaccine mandate is no longer in effect, it cost me the opportunity to teach and form cadets at West Point, cut my team leader time short, and cost me other career opportunities.

"At this point, I believe that God can use the gifts, talents, and passions He gave me to serve Him in a better way".

Elite Plot New Covid Lockdown

Fears of a fresh Covid resurgence globally have been heightened since the discovery of a new virus variant called Pirola, described by "experts as the 'real deal'. Despite a general medical consensus that there's nothing to worry about, power-hungry politicians and greedy Big Pharma companies are salivating at the possibility of a new mass vaccinations and lockdowns programme.

Last week UK officials confirmed Covid testing and community surveillance is set to be 'scaled up' ahead of this winter, after originally winding it down earlier this year. 

The genetic leap 'is roughly of the same magnitude' as seen between the initial Omicron variant and the previous Delta variant which the former replaced, the US's Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said on Wednesday. 

Pirola has also sparked attention because of action the Government has taken in its wake.  

Shakespeare’s Macbeth Branded as Racist

In the latest instalment of ‘Anti-Racist Shakespeare’ webinars hosted by the Bard’s Globe Theatre in London, assistant professor of English at Trinity University in Texas Kathryn Vomero Santos declared that the language in Macbeth demonstrates the alleged racial bias of the 17th century playwright.

Dance From the Mists of Time

USA World Politics Church More St Mary's Redcliffe Bristol church replaces stained glass depicting a slave trader to show Jesus with refugees

St Mary's Redcliffe in Bristol, England, has officially replaced a stained glass window featuring slave trader Edward Colston with one depicting Jesus "in multiple ethnicities" and refugees in a boat.

Nearer My God to Thee - HYMN

Pupils call on Rishi Sunak to keep single-sex toilets in UK schools

Five teenage girls have written to the Prime Minister urging him to keep single-sex toilets in schools to guarantee female pupils' safety and dignity.

Abortion Documentary to SHARE

Thou Whose Almighty Word - HYMN

The Knights Templar Order