Templar Report: Fired For Quoting The Bible

When the most highly paid sports star in your country is not safe from the anti-Christian bigots, you know your society is in deep trouble...

The next BIG thing: Follow KTI on Telegram

We have a have major announcement: The Knights Templar International is now on Telegram!

European Churches: Vandalised “Every Day”

Countless churches throughout Western Europe are being vandalised, defecated on, and torched.

Rugby Star SACKED For quoting BIBLE

Australian rugby star Israel Folau is facing a ban from the national side for sharing the Biblical condemnation of various forms of immoral behaviour. Criticising drunks, fornicators and adulterers is apparently OK, but pointing out that traditional Christianity tells us that homosexuality is punished in hell has got the sporting superstar into VERY hot water. 


Notre Dame: Looks Who's happy to see The Blaze

The destruction of Notre Dame Cathedral in the heart of Paris tonight has shocked the entire Christian world. Our thoughts go out most of all tonight to the faithful Catholics of France as the great symbol of their faith and history crumbles into ashes before their appalled eyes.


Parents MUST Unite Against Liberal Poison!

What’s wrong with the British majority? You know, the ones who answer to ‘white British’ or ‘white Irish’ or ‘white Other’ in the census. The ones whose grandparents were Christian, or who say they themselves are Christian. Because something is DEEPLY wrong with these people when – yet again – the only opposition to pro-LGBT brainwashing in London primary schools comes from Muslim parents.


Breaking News: Notre Dame is on Fire

The world famous Notre Dame is on fire. Fire fighters are currently at the scene tackling the blaze.

The Hidden Templar: Swords into Ploughshares

Meek is NOT weak! Liberal Christians are eager to twist the ideal of meekness into a recommendation for surrender, appeasement, weakness and failure to confront evil. The Hidden Templar returns with a Sunday Sermon which confronts this perversion of the Bible head on.



The bulldozer goes into action, moves inexorably and hits with the hardness of steel the wall of the church of Saint Lambert, a small Catholic church in the town of Immerath in North Rhine-Westphalia. In two days, the church has turned into a heap of rubble.

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