LGBTQ+ Bigots Want To Jail Mother Of Five

The LGBTQ+ lobby continues its campaign of intimidation against anyone who questions their growing tyranny.

Climate Alarmism = Big bucks

Before Greta Thunberg the High Priest of the Climate Alarm Cult was Al Gore. He told us all that the “point of no return would be back in 2016. And here are nine more of Al Gore’s guilt/fear producing predictions that never materialised:

Knights Templar – full documentary

The Knights Templar were essentially the most powerful and elite fighting force in the history of Christendom. They guarded thousands of travellers to the Holy Land from bandits and Muslim slave raiders.

Truth-Teller Tulsi Storms Into Lead

The other Democrat candidates are terrified of her. The fake news media either ignore or smear her. Google and other liberal high tech corporations are trying to sabotage her campaign. But Tulsi Gabbard won the last Democrat debate hand down.

Overcomer – Must See Movie

With the silver screen still dominated by the frequently violent, often perverted, sometimes even Satanic products of Hollywood, Overcomer is a welcome Christian movie.

The Disgracing Of Disney And Resistance

Walt Disney would turn in his grave at such twisted decadence carried out under his name. The company which was once a byword for wholesome, innocent children’s entertainment has turned itself into a grotesque promoter of deviancy and the recruitment of children to the LGBTQ+ culture of death.


England’s Christian Heritage

This video tells the story of one of the most familiar of all England’s historic landmarks, the parish church, covering a period of 1,400 years starting with the conversion of the Anglo-Saxons to Christianity in AD597.

Templar Report: Satanism and Abortion

A video showing a drag queen performing a gruesome fake abortion on itself using fake blood, guts, and a plastic fetus has outraged Christians (and most sane people) across the world.

South Africa – Failed State

Despite the blackout on mainstream fake news media, we all know about the ongoing slow motion genocide of the white Boer minority in South Africa.

The Knights Templar Order