Owning a Bible could be a ‘hate crime’ under proposed Scotland law

The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Scotland fears that the country’s proposed new “hate crime” legislation could criminalize the possession of a Bible or the Catholic catechism. 

From Heroes to Heretics

"The most legendary military elite in history" - that's how this fascinating documentary describes the Knights Templar. A fine introduction to the rise and fall of the first Templars.

UK health authority aware of 2 maternal deaths connected to DIY abortion pills

Two women in England have died after taking abortion pills sent via post, according to a leaked email from a senior chief midwife at NHS England. 

Irish Nationalists Protest Islamic Incursion

When others merely grumble about Islamisation, real Christian nationalists take action! Croke Park in Dublin is the home of Gaelic sports and of iconic significance to Irish nationalism. Yet, while Irish people are banned from attending matches there, the turn-out authorities allowed a crowd of Muslims to celebrate Eid on its turf - turf which is literally hallowed by the blood of martyrs from Ireland's long struggle for freedom.

This short video shows Ireland's only true nationalists protesting as a liberal bishop turns up to support this Islamic incursion into the heart of Irish culture and identity.

Dutch Government Won’t Use Mask Mandate

The Dutch government on Wednesday advised the public that there will be no mask mandate to slow the spread of coronavirus, stating that their effectiveness remains unproven.

The Minister for Medical Care Tamara van Ark made the decision after a review by the country’s National Institute for Health (RIVM).

Lockdown Confusion Reigns In North

Most times, it looks as though governmental imposition of covid lockdown measures is a deeply cynical but extremely clever plot to impose 1984-style controls and a climate-Marxist 'Great Reset'. But then they go and do something which just looks like sheer incompetence and blind panic!

The last-minute imposition of local lockdowns in the most heavily Muslim areas of northern England simply defy all logic. More than 4.5million Britons were put back into lockdown with just over two hours' notice last night after a spike in cases in the North of England just as five nights of Eid celebrations were about to begin.

But while people in the area are banned from meeting other families in their own homes and gardens, mosques remain open. And before you jump to conclusions about government fear of and bias towards Muslims - pubs can stay open too!

Archbishop Slams Sodomite 'Deep Church'

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò has pointed out three elements that have become what he calls the trademark of the deep Church: “heresy, sodomy, and corruption.”

In a new wide-ranging interview with Vatican expert Marco Tosatti (read full interview below), the Vatican whistleblower speaks about the deeper significance of the case of former Cardinal McCarrick in relation to the “doctrinal crisis” the Church is facing.

UK abortionists caught agreeing to kill baby so undercover caller could keep her ‘beach body’

New video footage released yesterday shows the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS), the U.K.’s largest abortion provider, agreeing to send abortion pills to an undercover “mystery client” who informed them that she wanted an abortion to avoid looking pregnant on the beach while on holiday.

Covid, Censorship & Gun Grabs

The start of the Great American Gun Grab. How the 'cancelling' of Christians is directly linked to mass murderer Lenin and salami. Plus two graphs that blow lockdown mania clean out of the water. A fascinating Templar report with special guest Nick Griffin telling it like it is.

The Knights Templar Order