Father Wins right To Protect Son From Chemical Castration

At last! Some commonsense and decency in the long court saga of the struggle of a loving father to save his young son from chemical castration.

Brexit Treason Price – Majority Favour Violence Against MPs

Violence against MPs is a 'price worth paying' to get the Brexit result they want, say a clear majority of both Leavers and Remainers in a 'genuinely shocking' survey.

Islamization of America – Supreme Court fails to act

The Islamization of America is going full steam ahead – and the U.S. elite is actively collaborating in this program of slow but steady national suicide. The latest disgrace is the refusal of the Supreme Court to hear the case of an American schoolgirl who bravely stood up to liberal teachers who tried to force her to deny her Christian faith by writing the Muslim conversion prayer.

‘Herod Law’ Passed By Tricks & Threats

The ‘Herod Law’ that opens the door for the mass slaughter of innocent babies in Northern Ireland was only passed “through political chicanery and legal threats”, a left-wing feminist has sensationally admitted.

Serbia – Stolen Kosovo Documentary

As the USA and its EU puppet regimes ramp up their threats against little Venezuela, it is worth remembering not just the well-known failures of such meddling (Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria) but also the all too often forgotten role of NATO forces in handing Serbian Kosovo over to the Islamist gangsters who have turned it into a narco-statelet whose drug supplies are poisoning a generation of young Europeans.


Military Muscle – Sparta’s Phalanx

One of the most effective and enduring military formations in ancient warfare was the Greek Phalanx.


Why Robots Will NOT Halt Immigration

New warnings that robots threaten millions of jobs in Britain, the USA and other advanced economies are being hailed by anti-immigration campaigners as heralding the end of mass Third World immigration into the West. Nearly half of British jobs are at risk of being taken over by robots, a report warned last night. 

Templar Report: Zucked, Trucked and Brexit

When our guest presenter Jim Dowson said, in 2016, Brexit would not happen, he was called "crazy." Well, now those who doubted him are eating their words...



This is an important, but very serious, article. If your brain’s not fully engaged, scroll down to the light-hearted video at the end!

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