Facebook Bans Transgender Scepticism

“When society reaches the point where you’re deemed anathema if you simply point out that a man can’t really become a ‘woman,’ and vice versa, then is it safe to say that—unless there’s a popular revolt against this nonsense—we’re toast? #TransInsanity #RachelLevine”

This is the comment that just got Peter LaBarbera suspended from Twitter. The head of Americans for Truth about Homosexuality (AFTAH) expects this to be the last time, because as this is his third suspension.   


COVID lockdowns will cause over 1 million ‘excess deaths’

Academics from Harvard, Duke, and Johns Hopkins universities have released a paper in which they claim COVID lockdowns will result in a “staggering” one million excess deaths over the next decade-and-a-half due to a spike of health-related issues caused by unemployment.

Is THIS Why the Globalists Went for Covid?

Twenty years ago, the bought-and-paid-for 'experts' promoting the 'global warming' cult were assuring us that 'snow would be a thing of the past' in Britain within just a few years. In the USA too, they predicted that steadily warming temperatures would banish snow from every wider areas. 

But over the last few years (despite the fake 'data' produced by basing so many weather stations at airports locally warmed by jet engines while budget cuts have closed many rural ones) a succession of bitter winters have made the United Nations created man-made global warming hoax less and less tenable.  

‘Families are the basic units of any society’: Hungarian Minister for Families

A Hungarian government minister has offered encouragement to pro-family forces throughout the world with recent comments about her nation’s commitment to protecting its uniqueness and its children.

Hungary Backs the Family

“A society where people do not want to have children, do not believe it is worthwhile to reproduce, is condemned to death." It's 'only' common sense, but in these days of 'gender' madness and mass abortion, such a normal, natural view of the world is something none of us expect to hear from government ministers. Except in a handful of Eastern European countries where the tide is flowing against liberalism, with Hungary being the most dramatic and heartening example of a society that has rejected national suicide.

Nobody is safe until ‘everybody is vaccinated,’ claims WEF leader

The founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, has said that unless “everybody” is vaccinated for COVID-19, then “nobody will be safe,” despite numerous deaths, serious side effects, and unknown consequences on fertility resulting from the vaccines.

'Blue Terror'? Red Terror!

If Americans were tempted to believe the fuzzy Biden promise to 'heal the nation', they are already finding out that the real Democrat agenda is anything but. The anarcho-tyranny of selective prosecution is in full swing, with Capitol Hill 'insurrectionists' who broke a couple of windows facing long prison sentences even as BLM and Antifa rioters from last year get promotions in local government, the teaching profession, the media and all the other liberal 'professions'.

Dollar Crisis - Straws in the Wind

Whatever else the Biden regime messes up, you can be absolutely sure that the Democrat junta will bring the ruination of the American dollar to a shocking new level.

The writing is already on the wall. First because, while the new regime’s reckless tax-and-spend policies will finish things off, America was already heading for a massively destructive currency crisis and hyper-inflation even before the Biden coup made what is now coming completely inevitable.

Hungary Will Legislate Against Big Tech Censorship

The Hungarian government has confirmed that it will legislate against Big Tech censorship online, declaring that “we must fight for our digital freedom!”

The Knights Templar Order