Drag Queens Boast Of ‘Grooming Next Generation’

Wanting to protect little children from ‘grooming’ by predatory homosexuals dressed as hideous, demonic fake women is now a ‘white supremacist hate crime’. At least, that’s how the perverts an their liberal allies see it!

How the Crusades Saved Europe and America

Did the Crusades fail? No, actually they saved Western Civilization.  Imagine there were no Crusades in the Middle Ages.? What would Europe look like? And what would have happened to Europe?

Remainer Toad Bercow Must GO

Boris Johnson is set to work with local Conservatives to ensure that arch-Remainer John Bercow is deselected and so cannot stand at the next General Election. Bercow is at present the Conservative MP for Buckingham, but has consistently abused his power as Speaker of the House to sabotage his own party and Brexit.

Now Even Your Lawn Is ‘Racist’!

Once again, a traditional symbol has become a target of those who attack private property rights and the American way of life. In this case, the symbol is the lawn – those closely-cropped grassy areas that surround most single-family homes. The basis for the attack is very typically environmentalism and racism.

Doctor Sacked For Telling the Truth

Football Rainbows Break The Rules

The creeping capture of politically and culturally important institutions by cultural Marxist sexual revolutionaries continues! A shocking example is the antics of FIFA, the body governing international football.

Knights Templar: Why You Should Join!

Now open for new recruits. The fastest growing Knights Templar organisation in the world – and, more important still, the one truest to the spirit of the original Knightly Order.

Zombie Eating – Time To Change

Zombie eating is eating while staring at a screen. And it’s a real and growing problem.

The Ten Pillars of Modern Chivalry

The principles of Chivalry and traditional values been largely forgotten in decadent and mentally diseased modern society. They need to be restored. It is the responsibility of all Templar Knights and Dames to represent chivalric values in their own lives and professional activities, leading by example, to promote and advance those principles for the benefit of current and future generations.

The Knights Templar Order