Sunday Service 26th July

Word is spreading about our powerful weekly Sunday Service. Take a look and find out why. And many thanks for sharing God's word and the Templar's message for these troubled and historic times.

Asian cardinal denounces Muslim resumed takeover of Catholic cathedral Hagia Sophia

A Catholic cardinal who is the leader of the Asian bishops has strongly condemned the move of the Turkish government to allow the former Catholic cathedral Hagia Sophia, once the most important church in Eastern Christianity, to be turned back into a mosque.

Fauci Shows How Well Masks Work While Watching Baseball Game....

Dr. Anthony Fauci made a public appearance at the Washington Nationals home opener against the New York Yankees, wearing a team-themed mask when he threw out the first pitch.

And yet, after his on-camera appearance, Fauci sat in the stands to watch the game and promptly removed his mask!

Templar Report July 24th

These just get better and better! If you've not seen it already, do have a look. If you have, please spread the link far and wide, because our message becomes more relevant and more urgent by the day!

Manassas - End of Innocence

As the USA drifts towards a Second Civil War,here's a timely reminder of the terrible costs both of war and of inadequate preparation, over-confidence and inexperience when it finally arrives. The First Battle of Manassas (Bull Run to Northerners), fought on July 21st 1861, was the first major engagement in the War Between the States. This well-produced video documents the course and cost of the battle where Stonewall Jackson earned his reputation and nickname.

Jihadist Terrorists Very Likely to Re-Offend

A study released by the French Centre for Terrorism Analysis (CAT) has revealed that 60 per cent of Islamic radicals who left France to fight abroad between 1986 to 2006 have gone on to commit terrorist offences.

Nick Griffin on the Templar Report

Both the presenter and his guest are on top form tonight! From the Islamist annexation of one of Christendom's greatest cathedrals through to the truth about Israeli backing for Al Qaeda. Plus more about the stunning new, live-changing Templar book of geopolitical analysis, muscular Christianity, life advice and strategy for the Long War. Don't just watch it, pass it on!

Knights Templar MUSIC

Here's a treat for all true traditionalists! An hour of original Templar and Tridentine Catholic songs. The soundtrack of the Crusades and the High Age of Christendom.

China: Crosses torn down and Jesus replaced with communist figures

CHINA has ordered Christians to destroy the crosses on their churches and take down images of Jesus as the communist regime continues its crackdown on religion.

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