UK Govt. pledges £12 million to fund abortion in Tanzania

The UK Government has announced it will be using £12 million of taxpayers’ money for a programme that will be implemented by an organisation that aims to “expand access” to abortion in Tanzania over the next two years, despite the fact abortion is illegal in Tanzania and that there is little support for such a move among the public or MPs.

Supply teacher tells class: 'I'm so gorgeous because I've put makeup on and had a shave'

Parents at a Church of England primary school claim a "trans" supply teacher told students as young as seven: "I'm so gorgeous because I've put makeup on and had a shave."

Abortion is an Abombination!

Seven teens arrested in Sydney counter-terrorism raids

Australian police have arrested seven teenagers suspected of extremist ideology in counter-terrorist raids connected to the stabbing of a bishop in Sydney.

Outrage over Biden's Blasphemous Cross

Canadians for Life

Healthy Young Women in Euthanasia Horror

For England and St George!

Wishing all our English brethren, associates and supporters a very Happy St. George's Day!

Wonder Woman promotes anti-Christian, anti-conservative message

For years, mainstream American comic books have been used with increasing brazenness as a vehicle for creators’ left-wing politics, with the current run of DC Comics’ Wonder Woman pitting the iconic heroine against a new villain whose machinations present a barely veiled indictment of Christian conservatism.

The Knights Templar Order