Pastor Slams Executive Order

Trump's executive order—deceptively called “An Executive Order on Combating Anti-Semitism”—issued just before Christmas week, empowered the federal Department of Education to withhold funding to college campuses that do not squash anti-Israel rhetoric.

Queen’s Not So ‘Secret’ Message

The Queen sent a 'pro-EU' message during her Christmas Day speech by wearing a brooch that resembles the European flag, an academic has claimed.

Gazan Christians Face Increased Persecution

It’s been a mixed bag for Christians in the Middle East this Holy Season.

Families Demonstrate Against Ignorant ‘Do-Gooder’

Dozens of countryside workers have staged a demonstration against far-left TV presenter Chris Packham, claiming his campaign work is threatening their jobs.

Open Letter To Greta

Dear Greta,

Templar Report: Trump Impeachment

Pelosi and her minions have finally done it...Congress has voted to impeach the democratically-elected President Trump. 

Liberal Vatican Suffers Donations Collapse

In 2006, the Catholic Church took in $112.7 million dollars. Today, donations have plummeted to about half, at $56.9 million.  At this rate, the Vatican will be forced to default by 2023, according to some financial analysts.

A Tale of Two Flags

Antifa and other leftists regularly burn American flags without any comeback at all, but removing a blasphemous rainbow banner from a church and burning it outside a local strip club has landed an Ames, Iowa resident in prison for an incredible sixteen years, on hate crime charges.

Somewhere, Over the Rainbow….

Australian researchers are sounding the alarm over cases of a highly infectious intestinal illness that appear to be resistant to all forms of standard oral antibiotic treatment.

The Knights Templar Order