Pfizer Jabs "Killed Babies in Wombs"

The covid jab killed unborn babies! Author and journalist Naomi Wolf has doubled down on her assertion that the Pfizer COVID mRNA injection was known to be lethal to unborn babies before being rolled out, declaring that the company’s own documents show it “murders babies in the womb.” The research that uncovered this horrifying fact is based on the USA, but there is no doubt that an honest investigation would expose a similar deadly scandal in Britain.

Wolf has shared the Pfizer report analysis she commissioned on her website. This includes a detailed examination of the Pfizer Report 69, released in April 2023 by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) under court order.

Amy Kelly, Program Director of the War Room/DailyClout Pfizer Documents Analysis Project, has called the information from this batch of Pfizer clinical documents, which included a “Pregnancy and Lactation Cumulative Review,” “among the most horrifying” to be publicly released.

Revolt Against the Elite's Depopulation Agenda

London’s Temple Church

London is blessed with an extraordinarily rich history… But now and again you come across a place where the past echoes that little bit louder than normal.

Knights Templar - Birth of Our Brotherhood VIDEO

"Net Zero" Will Kill Half of Humanity

Greenpeace Co-Founder Patrick Moore has said that achieving “Net Zero” carbon emissions globally would lead to “at least 50% of the population” dying. 

“If we actually did it, my point would be that if we actually achieve net zero, at least 50% of the population would die of hunger and disease,” Moore said in a recent interview with BizNewsTv. 

“And no doubt about it, because of just one thing, which is nitrogen-based fertilizer, which won two Nobel Prizes,” he continued. “One for developing the process of combining natural gas with nitrogen in the atmosphere to make ammonia. And the other one, the other Nobel Prize, was for the person who scaled it up to an industrial level.” 

Britain: Births plummet to 20-YEAR low

Births in England and Wales fell to their lowest level in two decades in 2022, official figures show.

No Return to Mask Tyranny!

They're at it again! So-called 'health experts' in both the UK and the USA are using predictable and routine mutations of the Covid flu/cold virus as the excuse for a new round of fear-mongering and demands for a reutrn to mask mandates.

Two new strains, one dubbed Eris and the other BA.6, are being touted as threats. Eris is already widespread, causing coughs and sniffles in large numbers of people around the world. BA.6, on the other hand, has only officially been detected in Israel and Denmark, but several scientists have said it will start showing up in tests in Britain and America 'very soon'.

Big Pharma and Big Government are of course desperate to get us all back to mask wearing, lockdowns and a new wave of mass vaccinations, but the public are now rightly extremely suspicious of the whole dangerous farce. Take-up of the current voluntary vaccine is very low, with the steady stream of "died suddenly" incidents seeping into the consciousness of all but the most stupid and trusting clot-shot enthusiasts.

Graves belonging to the Knights Templar found in Staffordshire

Graves belonging to members of the Knights Templar have been uncovered at an English village church in one of the 'most nationally important discoveries' of its kind.

How to 'immunise' children against abortion lies

Sooner or later, your child is going to be exposed to pro-abortion propaganda. So what should you do about it? How can we prepare youngsters for this onslaught? The director of the US Life League, Susan Ciancio, addresses this vital question:

“My 9-year-old asked me: ‘Mommy, what’s abortion?’” recalls Susan, having had to answer that question long before she became American Life League’s director and executive editor for the Culture of Life Studies Program. “I had to be honest. I explained that it was when a mom has her baby killed before he has a chance to be born.”

The Knights Templar Order