The Final Battle: Gold vs. Paper

The BRICS are considering an internal gold trading platform, according to Russian officials. When this happens, the global economy will be significantly reshaped, and (the globalists running) the West will lose dominance, predicts a precious metal expert.

Transhumanism – New World Order EXPOSED

The elite criminals running “the West” have a new Satanic fantasy project to top off their destruction of tradition, religion and European civilisation and identity: They now believe they can create post-human demigods. The idea of fusing Man and technology to create superhumans is gaining traction. This fine essay by Russian traditionalist philosopher Alexandr Dugin exposes the monstrous arrogance of this actually anti-human attempt to usurp God. Must read!

The Prodigal Son: A parable for our times

The parable of the Prodigal Son is one of the most memorable and moving of all Our Lord Jesus Christ’s parables. Many who cannot name all Ten Commandments can nevertheless give a rough outline of the story. It has been widely represented in Christian art since the Middle Ages, and even today is often referenced in literature and film.

No War For Hong Kong’s SJW ‘Rebels

The international power elite have taken a bit of time off from their endless scheming to turn the peoples of the West into serfs on their global LGBTQ+ plantation. Instead, they’ve turned their attention to China. There’s now a concerted and blatantly open effort by Deep State agencies to forment violent revolution in Hong Kong.

United under God’s banner – We are Templars

United under God’s banner, we are the Knights Templar.

The Crescent and the Cross

Gripping documentary about the bloody history of the Crusade to protect Christians in the Holy Land and roll back what had seemed like a an unstoppable tide.

Templar Report: The Amazon Hoax

The Amazon rain-forest is burning and the liberal media have went into overdrive with scare stories about how this fire signals the death of the human race. We are here to tell you why it is all lies...

Templar Carvings At Kilmory Knap Chapel

While the are best known for their great castles in France, Spain, Portugal and the Holy Land, the Knights Templar also had a presence in many other European nations.

The Great Purge End Game

The Great Purge is reaching its brutal end phase. All conservative voices are now being silenced. the latest victim, James Allsup, is just a normal person, yet he is now banned from YouTube.

The Knights Templar Order