Templars, Crusaders and Serious History

For those of you seriously interested in history, here’s an excellent account of the later stages of the Crusades.

Cell Phones Slow Your Brain!

Using your phone on break during mentally challenging tasks doesn’t allow your brain to recharge effectively and may result in poorer performance, according to new research.

The holy warriors who saved Christendom

In 732 A.D., a heavily outnumbered army of Christian warriors took on the huge  army from the deserts of North Africa that had invaded France after conquering most of Spain. The fate of Christian Europe hung in the balance…

The disease sweeping the West

The gender madness disease sweeping the West doesn’t seem to be having any impact in traditionalist Russia. The latest example is the news that Russian hand-to-hand combat champion Daria Nirkova, dubbed ‘the new face of Siberian MMA’, has said that the prospect of ‘intergender’ MMA fights and champions is “stupidity” as “men are stronger than women”.

The Hidden Templar: The True Knight

The Templar code: It is essentially to understand it, what it is, where it came from, and how it should guide us in all we do...

The Science suppressed by global warming fanatics

That’s ‘Diversity’! Mobs Attack French Fighters

Firemen in France are striking to protest at the failure of the Macron regime to take effective action over a shocking rise in violent attacks on fire crews attending emergencies in the country’s seething and lawless inner city ghettos.

Corporate Elite out to Transform Society

The corporations have declared war on normality, tradition and Christian values! That’s the only possible conclusion to reach from the news that the biggest capitalist companies on the planet are lining up to announce that they are no longer there primarily to make profits, but to ‘shape’ society to fit their ultra-liberal anti-values.

A Sycophant, Not a Statesman

Susan Glasser of the New Yorker has a fascinating, in-depth profile of Mike Pompeo, the former Tea Party congressman who has surfed the Trump tsunami to great heights. He is described alternatively as the most talented of Donald Trump’s whisperers and one of “the most sycophantic and obsequious people” around the president.

The Knights Templar Order