Neo-Nazi Paedophile Convicted of Terrorism

From the moment National Action appeared on the scene, the Knights Templar warned disillusioned and desperate young Britons of the satanic and homosexual influence that was rife within the group. Yet again, we have been vindicated. Now, dozens of former members are behind bars because they refused to listen when the Templars warned that not only were many of their members sexual predators and satanists but that the entire National Action operation was a state-created honeypot designed to gather the names and identities of young nationalists and eventually put them behind bars.


Britain: “We Woz Brung Up Right!”

First, we survived being born to mothers who smoked and/or drank while they carried us and lived in houses made of asbestos.


Pupils in Brighton given transgender ‘pronoun stickers’

Schools in Green-run Brighton are to give out pronoun stickers to pupils in a bid to support transgender children. Please note, this story emerged on April 2nd; it is not an April Fool!


BREXIT: We MUST all come together!

Since we cast our votes in the 2016 EU Referendum, the British people have been insulted, manipulated and ignored by the British establishment.

State Clampdowns On Homeschoolers In Britain

The UK government has signalled long-term hostility to homeschooling with the announcement that parents making this choice will be forced to sign a register. As always, keeping a list is the first step in a planned rolling clampdown.


The Hidden Templar: Brexit Update

Perhaps, against all the odds, the Utterly Useless British Parliament will manage to reach some sort of agreement over the next day or three. If they do, you can bet your life that it won’t be what 17.4 million Brits voted for. But if they don’t, something truly amazing might happen….


Convent of Our Lord Jesus Christ in Tomar

Take a virtual visit of the greatest Knight Templar site in the world. The magical town of Tomar in Portugal dominated by a Templar fortress.


Knights Templar - Who Was Hugh of Payens?

Hugh of Payens was the illustrious founder of the original  Knights Templar Order.

Shameless Tories Back Saudi Mass Murder In Yemen

Behind the backs of the British people, Theresa May’s back-stabbing Tory government has sent brave S.A.S. troopers to help the revolting Saudi regime slaughter civilians in Yemen.


The Knights Templar Order