Monkey Business as University Goes MAD!

Another day, another piece of "you couldn't make it up" Woke lunacy! An image of the three monkeys illustrating the proverbial 'see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil' has been cancelled after academics at the University of York decided they are an oppressive racial stereotype.

Switzerland to hold referendum to strip government of power to impose lockdowns

Taking advantage of a unique provision in their constitution, campaigners in Switzerland have garnered sufficient signatures to force a national referendum aimed at stripping the government of its powers to impose pandemic-related lockdown measures.

Biden Flag Money for Babykillers

Even while reading his speech about 'healing' America, CreepyJoe Biden was already giving money to baby-killers. 

The Biden Presidential Inaugural Committee (PIC) made Planned Parenthood and a gaggle of Christian-persecuting LGBTQ bodies some of the main beneficiaries of donations made for the flags which took the place of spectators on the National Mall.

Germany opens detention camps for people breaking quarantine rules

Germany has announced plans to open COVID-specific detention camps for those who fail to conform to the quarantine regulations imposed due to the coronavirus crisis. Similar camps are currently being discussed in New York and Australia.

Toronto Catholic school board’s website links kids to LGBT resource promoting gay sex

In exactly three clicks from the website of Toronto’s Catholic school board, children are able to access homosexual sex guides where they can learn how to “find” gay sex by “cruising” or in “parks and public washrooms,” how to engage in “fisting,” and “how to have lesbian sex.”

Stanford study: Lockdowns have no significant effect in reducing COVID-19, may even spread it

A new study compiled by experts from Stanford University, has found that severe lockdown restrictions, such as stay at home orders and closure of businesses, have no “clear, significant benefits” in preventing the spread of COVID-19, and may in fact increase infection rates.

A Warning to Americans

We know that the anger of 75 million Americans will not dissipate. After all, you have many reasons, not least the Lying Press campaign to portray a peaceful, Defend the Constitution protest by hundreds of thousands of patriots at the Capitol as something as wicked at last year's BLM riots - massively destructive waves of arson and violence which killed literally hundreds of people.

And we have no doubt that the anger will grow as the incoming Biden regime imposes not only an economy-wrecking lockdown but also sweeping attacks on the First and Second amendments - and those who support and try to utilise them.

Such anger is fully justified and, where it leads patriots to think carefully, and to set out to organise and do things that are more useful than voting for the Republicans who back-stabbed Donald Trump and 75 million Americans, it will in the end prove to be a good thing. But talk of the disgrace of the Republican Party leads to us one absolutely crucial warning: There is now a real risk that patriotic Americans are going to be sucked into a decade of completely counter-productive electioneering.


Academic at the National Trust says GARDENING has its roots in racial injustice

We are living in stressful times: no wonder so many of us have taken refuge in our gardens and in the quiet corners of our potting sheds.

Lockdown to Cause Cancer Deaths Surge

Many thousands of women are going to die decades before their time thanks to the UK government's ham-fisted and destructive lockdown policy.

The Knights Templar Order