California AG in baby parts case

Closing arguments filed by the California attorney general for the criminal preliminary hearing of pro-life journalists David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt signal the state considers that infanticide is not a crime in the context of abortion, says one of Daleiden’s lawyers.

Fast Food Crushes Testestorone In Fat Men

Overweight men who eat fast food experience an immediate drop in their testosterone levels, impacting their ability to conceive, a new study has found.

“We Have Entered A Time of Home-Grown Terrorism”

"We have entered a (time of) terrorism made in France... with a mixture of Friday preaching by extremist imams, social networks and the weaponisation of fragile individuals. It is about creating a new panic in society by targeting iconic ... places... The attack is a major turning point in Islamist terrorism."

Off The Grid – the next big thing

This author travelled around America meeting extraordinary people and writing about their lives.

Westminster & Sinn Fein Unite To Murder Irish Babies

Europe’s most extreme abortion law is being forced upon Northern Ireland by MPs in Westminster - without any kind of consultation with the province’s citizens.

Number Of The Beast – Orthodox Interpretation

Among the broad masses of believers in subjugated Russia [note, this was written in the dark days of the Bolshevik terror against Christians in Russia – KTI Ed], the expectation of the second coming of Christ is exceptionally widely spread.

Templar Cavalry in the Field of War

The Knights Templar’s mission to protect Christian pilgrims to the Holy Land of Palestine quickly developed into a full capability with the most advanced military equipment and tactics of the time.

The Great Purge End Game

The Great Purge is reaching its brutal end phase. All conservative voices are now being silenced. the latest victim, James Allsup, is just a normal person, yet he is now banned from YouTube.

Templar Texas Conference: Book Now!

American Knights Templar Priory Conference: March 21st 2020. Houston Texas.


The Knights Templar Order