Templar Gab Outreach Drive

Trans healthcare doctors admit some patients don't understand treatment

Doctors who specialise in transgender healthcare have been exposed admitting privately that patients are sometimes too young or mentally ill to understand fully the consequences of their treatment.

Abortion Adding to Demographic Collapse of France

Irish Voters Reject WEF's Attempts to Redefine Family

The Irish public has given a “historic victory for family values” as the neo-liberal government in Dublin has acknowledged that voters have rejected attempts to redefine marriage and the role of women in the constitution.

Doctors Warn Against Proposed Abortion Law

120k trees in fairytale forest felled to make way for wind farm

Conservationists in Germany are incensed as 120,000 trees in an ancient forest have started to be felled in order to make way for a wind farm.

Planned Parenthood and the university’s fetal tissue experiments

Abortion giant Planned Parenthood maintained a relationship with the University of California San Diego (UCSD) to exchange the body parts of aborted babies for “ownership of the university’s ‘patents’ and ‘intellectual property’” created through experiments on them, according to documents obtained by the pro-life investigative group Center for Medical Progress (CMP).

Election Stealing Dems to Push Abortion

Pro-Life Students Threatened by Mob

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