Alberta doctor says there’s ‘no logic’ to lockdowns

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney characterized a top doctor’s opposition to COVID-related restrictions as being backed by “demonstrably false” data. Now, Dr. Dennis Modry — who was one of the Alberta’s top heart surgeons, himself performing the province’s very first transplant in 1985 — blasted Kenney’s lockdowns, saying there’s “no logic to these usurpations of people’s civil rights.”

Last December, Modry wrote a letter to Kenney calling for an end to mask mandates and lockdowns.

America's $10 Trillion Debt Binge

Here’s a fact that should TERRIFY all Americans!

When the Biden Administration’s Infrastructure Program is signed into law, the U.S. will have spent nearly $10 TRILLION in a single year.

Yes, Trillion with a “T”


Male infertility threatening ‘future of human race'

Scientists are witnessing an alarming trend: Men’s sperm counts are down, testosterone levels have plunged and erectile dysfunction is increasing.

Male infertility is on the rise — and exposure to synthetic chemicals known as phthalates could be to blame, according to fertility scientist Shanna Swan, Ph.D., author of the new book, “Count Down: How Our Modern World Is Threatening Sperm Counts, Altering Male and Female Reproductive Development and Imperiling the Future of the Human Race.”

Police Bias & EU Wreck Irish Peace

Growing violence in Northern Ireland is hardly even making the news in mainland Britain, but spiralling community tensions now pose a real threat of a return to terrorist war - and the police and politicians are the ones to blame.

The LGBTQ agenda: Identifying as anything but straight is now trendy

In a time where there are almost no taboos left to break and the ubiquity of violent porn has virtually eliminated our collective capacity to experience shock, it is difficult for artists to attract attention as they once did. With the meteoric rise of the rainbow movement, “coming out” as something or other has become a compelling career move. If you need a shtick, announcing that you are something other than straight is sure to rake in accolades from every corner.

Drums of War Beat in Ukraine

The political elite of the West are sleepwalking towards a potentially disastrous war with Russia. The Biden family's criminal business links with the fanatically anti-Russian regime in the Ukraine have brought the danger to a whole new level.

Turkey’s Sordid Past

Rewrite the story. Forget the history. Silence yesterday’s memory, and the present is lost. This is the tragedy of Turkey, and the experience of Christians living within its grasp. It is an experience of genocide, forced population exchanges, and pogroms. It is in short, an experience of religious persecution perpetuated throughout the past century, with no end in sight.

Another Transgender Non-April Fool

Attention Canadians, Kiwis and residents of Democrat-run states and cities! If you thought YOUR masters are barking mad, just take a look at Great Britain's spy chiefs....

Christians kidnapped in Nigeria while on mission trip

It has been reported eight Christians have been abducted while on their way to evangelise in Kaduna State, Nigeria.

On Friday, a group of church members of the Redeemed Christian Church of God were travelling towards the town of Kafanchan when gunmen intercepted the bus, according to International Christian Concern and the Nigerian Tribune. 

The Knights Templar Order