Video: Songs of the Templars

Sit back, relax, and enjoy this wonderful meditative music. a mix of Roman and Gregorian chants which the Templars were singing on their Crusades.

The Knights Templar – Full Documentary

More than seven centuries after the ‘disappearance’ of the original Knights Templar, our noble Order continues to fascinate and grip the imaginations of millions of people – especially the young.


La Couvertoirade – Templar City

La Couvertoirade is a medieval fortified village located at the confines of the Larzac plateau. The village has played an important role in this part of the Midi-Pyrenees since the 13th century when the castle was built by a chapter of the medieval Knights Templar located here which played a key role in the development of La Couvertoirade.


The Ancient Diet of the Templars

GRAYBEARDS WERE THIN ON THE ground in the 13th century. For even wealthy landholding males, average life expectancy was about 31 years, rising to 48 years for those who made it to their twenties. The Knights Templar, then, must have seemed to have some magical potion: Many members of this Catholic military order lived long past 60. And even then, they often died at the hands of their enemies, rather than from illness.


The pre-battle chant of the Templars

Da Pacem Domine was a chant by the Knights Templar. It is largely based on Psalm 122.

Britain's War against Christians

The British state’s slow-burn war against Christians got a bit hotter today. A nurse who was sacked from the National Health Service after offering a Bible to a cancer patient and encouraged him to sing The Lord is My Shepherd was “fairly dismissed”, a court has ruled.

U.N. Blue Helmets Raped Children

If the liberals got their way, blue helmeted United Nations ‘Peacekeepers’ would be the only soldiers on the planet. But you only have to look at Haiti to see how these globalist ‘heroes’ behave when they get the power.

“Greta Thunberg is a Lunatic!”

Here is the liberal West she’s a saint and guru, but in this fascinating clip from a popular Russian talk show, they assess Greta Thunberg very differently.

Based East Rejects GlobalHomo

According to a new Pew Research survey, of all Europeans, Ukrainians and Russians are the least tolerant towards homosexuality. Pictured above: Straight pride demonstrators in Kiev.

The Knights Templar Order