Nigerian Voodoo Mafia Adds To Sweden’s Crime Crisis

Nigerian Voodoo Mafia Adds To Sweden’s Crime Crisis

Sweden is facing a growing migrant crime wave crisis, and the city of Malmö is Ground Zero in the imported disaster.

"Since 2015, 32 people have been shot dead in 30 separate acts in Malmö's latest murder wave. Our survey of the murders shows that more than 120 young men are linked to them in different ways", according to a recent series of reports about gang violence in the Swedish mainstream newspaper, Sydsvenskan.

This summer,  a private foundation, Det Goda Samhället ("The Good Society") published a report, based on statistics from Swedish authorities. The report showed:

"For the first time now, more crimes -- in absolute terms -- are committed by persons of foreign background than by persons of Swedish origin...The most crime-prone population subgroup are people born [in Sweden] to two foreign-born parents".

The mainstream Swedish media, however, largely ignored the privately published report.

Gang crime has become extremely violent and extremely serious. The Nigerian gang Black Axe, for instance, engages in drug-trafficking and prostitution and also operates extensively in Italy, where Italian police have described it as using "urban guerrilla warfare which continued for days at a time" to maintain territorial control.

Swedish police estimate that the gang, which has been establishing itself in Stockholm for the past five years, seems pretty thoroughly entrenched. "In my opinion," said the head of police squad, Lennart Karlsson, "this is one of the world's most effective crime syndicates. So unfortunately for us, they probably have a pretty bright future."