No-Go Zones in Multi-cult-hell Sweden

No-Go Zones in Multi-cult-hell Sweden

In the wake of widespread Islamist riots across Sweden, Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson admitted that there are now “parallel societies” within her country – a tacit admission of the existence of Europe’s infamous ‘no-go zones’.

In response to Danish anti-Islam activist Rasmus Paludan and his followers burning a Qur’an earlier this month, widespread riots engulfed the Scandinavian country, with places like Malmo, Linköping, Norrköping, and Rinkeby seeing days of violence over the Easter weekend in which over 100 police officers were injured.

Currently around one-fifth of the population, or two million people, in Sweden were born abroad, with more coming from migration-background families.

The admissions from the leftist prime minister represent one of the closest acknowledgements from the government as to the actual existence of migrant-dominated no-go zones in Sweden.

Nevertheless, the blight of the areas has long been reported on both domestically and internationally, with even the British government previously warning its citizens to steer clear of such areas in 2018 over the risk of gun crime and explosions, with car bombs becoming a prominent feature of turf warfare in certain sections of the country.

As early as 2016, police in Sweden admitted to having lost control of 55 so-called no-go areas, where crime rates spiralled in parallel with mass migration. At the time police officers admitted that they had lost the ability to effectively enforce the law and were reduced to merely reacting to surges in theft, sexual assault, and gang crime.