Poland’s president: ‘There is no nation without a family that has children’

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Poland’s president: ‘There is no nation without a family that has children’

Poland’s recently re-elected president repeated his commitment to supporting the traditional family in comments tying the protection of the family to the survival of the Polish nation.

“There is no nation, no State without a family that has children, which in turn causes the renewal of generations, which means that the nation remains, and it can create a state,” Duda said while at the Vatican City.

“So, if someone thinks of himself as a Polish patriot, if someone thinks that Poland should remain, that our nation should exist, then there should be no doubt that the family in all of this has a fundamental meaning. That’s how I approach this.”

The Polish president also told EWTN that the protection of the traditional family, the definition of marriage as a union between a woman and a man, and the right of parents to raise their children according to their convictions are enshrined in the Polish Constitution.

“I only act according to the Polish constitution,” Duda said in response to a question about opposition from the European Union.  

“And I do not hesitate to talk about it at the European Union. But I work, I serve Poland, that is my duty. And how politicians in other countries, other presidents approach this, that’s their prerogative. And it’s their societies who hold them accountable. That’s my approach. And this is also a Christian approach.”


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