No Parliamentary Road - UK By-election Analysis

No Parliamentary Road - UK By-election Analysis

The Wellingborough and Kingswood by-election results contain six really important lessons for nationalists. Veteran British nationalist Nick Griffin gives us an in-depth analysis:

1. The Illusion of Choice. Despite everything, the System's "lesser of 2 evils" trick still works. The public are angry and worried about problems the governing Tory/Labour duopoly created, but still flip between them like a dying fish. The Labour party is utterly toxic in so many ways, but the Tories are hated even more, so the voting sheeple switch from blue to red. The next flip will see Labour take power with a huge majority, but within two years of that the Tories will be winning by-elections with swamping swings of their own.

2. Fifty Years of Futile Protest Votes. Despite all the GBNews support and big money, and the fact that immigration issues are far worse now, Reform's 13% in Wellingborough and 10% in Kingswood were still well short of the 16.4% which the British National Party took in Oldham West in 2001 - and that result came in a General Election, in which insurgent parties always struggle.

By-elections are much easier places to make a breakthrough, as the National Front found in 1973, when Martin Webster took 13% in West Bromwich West. More than fifty years on, and the anti-immigration vote available for well-funded and well-run campaigns in by-elections is still stuck at 13% of the voters, which is about 5% of the entire electorate. God help us, because electioneering certainly won't!

3. Safety Valves and Shekels. That said, Reform is now firmly established as THE 'far-right' safety valve. It enjoys the backing of the Brexiteers' hero Nigel Farage, a gaggle of multi-millionaires and a rapidly growing mainstream TV news channel. The idea that any harder right party can overcome this already well-established stumbling block is either childish self-deception or a grifting lie.

Wellingborough further proved this point, since Britain First actually ran quite a professional, expensive and energetic campaign (much more sophisticated, for example, than the vast majority of campaigns run by the NF in its heyday). They also had the endorsement of Tommy Robinson, who put out emails and social media posts from his luxury property in Spain urging supporters to vote from Britain First rather than Reform.

With just under 2%, the Britain First vote was only about an eighth of Reform's total, but BF leader Paul Golding does very well out of their fund-raising appeals at each election so he will keep on standing, and thus 'splitting the nationalist vote', for the foreseeable future. For 'electoral-roaders' to wish this problem away by talking about future electoral pacts is to completely miss the point. BF don't stand in elections to win them, or even in the hope of building the party, but because it's a nice little earner.

Lest anyone believe, that Reform itself will bring real change, remember that they too face the insurmountable hurdle of the first-past-the-post. flipping fish system. And that despite noises about immigration reform, net zero and 'family values', they support 'the right sort of immigration', British involvement in foreign wars, the fiat currency banking swindle, free trade economic suicide, gay rights and all the rest of the liberal atheist poison which dragged the West down in the first place. Reform is a safety valve for the System, not a solution to the System.


4. Reform Stumbling Block. Despite not making a real breakthrough, Reform took enough Conservative votes to cost the Tories their seat in Wellingborough. There is therefore now a very strong prospect that the liberal-left BBC, Sky News and ITV will start pumping up Reform. They did the same, you should remember, for Farage and UKIP for around ten years, in order to provide the safety valve necessary to stop the British National Party. Having learnt the trick, they will play it again, boosting Reform in order to split the Tory vote in the next General Election and give Keir Starmer's Labour Lite the massive majority needed to continue the replacement immigration policy and reverse Brexit.

So Britain now has a highly-recognised, well-funded, civic nationalist party which is going to enjoy kid-glove treatment from the three old big broadcasters and the fulsome support of the new one. The claim that any of the gaggle of 'real' nationalist parties already in existence, or being built as castles-in-the-clouds in the 'brains' of their would-be leaders, can somehow overcome this hurdle would be laughable - if it wasn't helping to waste even more time, energy and money which could be put to constructive use if the leaders of these sick joke 'organisations' weren't self-obsessed crackpots.

5. No Change in Sight. All this means that the political class will remain in charge right through their converging catastrophes of mass immigration, disastrous war, financial collapse, social and moral disintegration, and carbon-reduction energy and food production suicide. This Godless system is not going to be saved, and the political puppets who officially run it are not going to be ousted, by the public 'waking up' and voting them out.

This is not a black pill. There is still a future, but that future will be built by the survivors of their self-inflicted civilisational collapse, not by a bunch of white knights miraculously winning power through the ballot box and stopping and reversing it.

6. There is a White Pill. Let us now turn to the bright side. The massive non-turnout shows there are many millions of Brits who have already given up on elections. In both seats yesterday, nearly two-thirds of the electorate registered either their loathing for all politicians or their terminal stupidity by not voting at all. Nothing, and especially not a new minnow party - even if it was led by a heroic and perfect Mosley/Gandhi/Churchill/Powell hybrid - will restore their trust in politicians. 

THIS is the huge space in which nationalists and militant Christians can and must work, creating structures which will help more of our people get through the long dark night of the coming collapse. And/or a vanguard with at least a fighting chance of picking power out of the ruins of a System which is throwing away its own legitimacy and ability to maintain authority.

The popular rage and resistance to the global elite puppet regimes which we see building - from Ireland to Poland, from Greece to the USA - COULD open the way to revolutionary change. But only if nationalists understand that revolutionary change will come not from throwing away scarce resources and wasting time in unwinnable elections, but from preparing for something far more like the sudden paradigm shifts of the Ulster Workers Council strike of 1974, Berlin and Bucharest in 1989, or the Kiev Maidan of 2014.

Note that (whether for good or ill) ALL those sudden overthrows of unpopular regimes came from extra-parliamentary action by huge numbers of ordinary people, led by small numbers of activists/agitators/organisers. And the even better news is that all these came not from the left, but the right. 

The same is true of the three recent missed opportunities for revolutionary change in the English-speaking world: The Hauliers' and Farmers' fuel blockade, which could have brought down the Blair government back in 2000; the January 6th 2021 protest in the USA, which was not - but should have been - an armed insurrection against a totally illegitimate System coup, and the Truckers' Convoy protest against Trudeau's plandemic tyranny in Canada in 2022.

The case of the Solidarity protests in Poland, which marked the beginning of the end of the Soviet Union, is more complex, since the  nationalist and Catholic elements were joined in the struggle by CIA-funded liberals and Trotskyites. The victory of 1988/89 didn't come from nowhere, but followed directly from the earlier Gdansk protests which were crushed in 1970 and 1980. It was third time lucky for the anti-Communist Poles, but only because the would-be revolutionaries learned from their mistakes and didn't fight the authorities on their own terms. They picked their ground and won.

The lesson leaps off the pages of very recent history time and time again: Tyrannies are not overthrown through the electoral systems which they control and manipulate to legitimise their rule; they fall when masses of people mobilise, then win over or brush aside the security forces, and send the former rulers into retirement, exile or death. 

Anyone still pretending otherwise, and either offering or implying future electoral victory, is either a delusional fool or a grifting crook. You can choose which, but you can't chose electoral salvation. There is no parliamentary road, but there is much to do to prepare the real way ahead.