No War for Nato's Nazis!

No War for Nato's Nazis!

It may be getting less media coverage than the latest ridiculous grifting antics of Meghan Markle, but that doesn't make the threat of a war between Nato and Russia over Ukraine any the less real.

Egged on by the warmongers of the Biden and Johnson regimes, the ultra-racist who run the failing Western puppet state of Ukraine are stepping up their daily attacks on civilians on their eastern border. The 100% Russian regions there broke away from Ukraine after a CIA/Soros-backed coup put an unholy Russian-hating alliance of Nazis and Zionists in power there.

Britain's Boris Johnson stepped up the sabre-rattling this week when he lectured Europeans on how they should choose Ukraine's 'freedom' to shell churches and primary schools in Donetsk and the Donbas over the stable supply of Russian natural gas they need to keep warm this winter. The video link below gives an insight into the terror inflicted on Russian communities in the east by the Western elite's Ukrainian friends.

Russian leaders have repeatedly warned that Western rhetoric and aggressive military moves right on their borders are risking outright war. Various Nato states, including Britain, have now moved token 'tripwire' forces and 'trainers' into both Ukraine and Poland. Their job is described as being 'tripwires', but in reality they are there to die right at the opening of any shooting conflict in order to whip up Western enthusiasm for a suicidal war with Russia.

It is truly staggering to see the Johnson and Biden regimes in particular having the nerve to risk a truly disastrous war over the borders of Ukraine and Poland, when they cannot event control their own borders at Dover or with Mexico.

What makes it even worse is that these elite criminals are so keen to throw away soldiers' lives and risk getting us all friend in a pointless nuclear war - on behalf of a regime which is literally riddled with hardcore Nazis. If you think this is an exaggeration, just look at the picture illustrating this article. It is not a photo-montage, it has not been photoshopped. It's a genuine photograph of a detachment of volunteers and mercenaries of the Ukrainian Azov Battalion. The combination of the Nato and Nazi flags sums up perfectly the position of both Azov and the broader Ukrainian stance.

These are the sort of scum which Johnson and Biden want to send your tax money, military equipment and sons and daughters to aid in their aggressive ethnic-cleansing campaign on the border of Russia. As if their Covid plandemic  wasn't criminal enough, they are also flicking burning matches into one of the biggest powder kegs of the potential World War Three. Their position is literally insane; we can only pray to God that wiser heads in the military - who know full well that the war these fools want is unwinnable - quietly talk them down before it all goes bang!