No War for Neo-Nazi Ukraine!

No War for Neo-Nazi Ukraine!

The world is closer to war between Nato and Russia (and her allies) than at any time since 1962. The 'mainstream right' in America are screaming that the now clearly senile fake president Biden should be tougher on Russia, while in the UK the one thing that the broken ruling Tory party agrees on is sending British weapons and troops to prop up the failed state Ukraine.

In the name of God, stop this madness! Let's get the basic facts clear:

1. Ukraine is a very long way away and there are no vital American or British interests there, whatever happens.

2. The current Ukrainian regime is even more illegitimate than Biden's presidency. At least Biden was theoretically elected, the gang of crooks and psychopaths in Kiev came to power through a violent coup d'etat against an elected government.

3. The first action of the Western-backed coup leaders was to unleash neo-Nazi death squads against pro-Russian activists and Russian-speaking communities in Eastern and southern Ukraine. It was this that led to the creation of the Russian-speaking republics of Donbass and to the overwhelming democrat referendum vote of the residents of Crimea to seek admission into Russia.

3. When pushing for the reunion of Germany, Nato gave Russia a solemn pledge that, in return for the peaceful withdrawal of Soviet troops from East Germany and Poland, the Western alliance would never expand eastwards. And that Nato troops and missiles would not be moved closer to Russia's borders. That pledge has been repeatedly broken, with the proposal to let the ferociously anti-Russian regime in Ukraine join Nato being the latest and most dangerous display of bad faith and aggression.

5. The Ukrainian coup was carried out by thousands of actual neo-Nazis, backed by the organisational skills of George Soros and the CIA, and funded by Zionist oligarchs. This unholy alliance is in turn now being used as a weapon against Christian and traditionalist Russia by the LGBTQ+ obsessed liberal elite. 

6.  Nato has first-strike doctrine on the use of nuclear weapons. This is openly known, and this fact makes it absolutely unthinkable for Russia to allow Nato to expand right up to the eastern border of Ukraine, since missiles based there would only have a few minutes' flight time to St. Petersburg and Moscow.

7. Vladimir Putin and other key Russian officials have made it crystal clear that they believe that it would be better to fight a war before Nato missiles are moved into Ukraine. They have set out plainly, calmly and resolutely the fact that the expansion of Nato into Ukraine is a red line which, if crossed, means war. This is not aggression, but a natural self-defence mechanism from a country with very long and bitter experience of genocidal invasions from Western powers.

So we shouldn't be criticising Biden for 'giving Putin the green light'. The real problem with the senile American 'president' is that he is surrounded by warmongers, military-industrial complex shills and neo-con Russiaphobes, and is incapable of stopping them - and the insanely anti-Russian British Foreign Office and intelligence services - from pushing for confrontation with Russia in her own backyard.

We in the Templars have constantly pointed out that the Russians do not want war. They know from bitter experience just how terrible war can be. We still maintain that Russia has no interest in occupying the whole of Ukraine; the place is a basket case and half its population are Catholic or atheist and bitterly anti-Russian. But this doesn't mean that Russia won't be forced to war, with her most likely war aim being to liberate the eastern half of Ukraine, most of whose inhabitants speak Russian and are Orthodox Christians.

This would create a buffer zone which would keep Nato missiles hundreds of miles further West, and by splitting Ukraine into its two natural parts give as many people as possible the right of self-determination and the security of being ruled by their own kind of people. It's the sensible outcome, although of course it would be far better if it happened by negotiation rather than by war. But since the elite rules (and abusers) of the West are incapable of common sense, good faith negotiation or abiding by agreements, it seems that war is the only way left.

We can only pray that it stays restricted to Ukraine and is over quickly. And raise our voices to demand that, whatever happens, no British, American or other Western blood is shed on behalf of the neo-Nazi Zionist scum in Kiev. Keep out of wars that have nothing to do with us!