No War For Saudi Monsters

No War For Saudi Monsters

The drums of war are beating louder by the day! The corporate arms dealers and the banksters are desperate to get us into war, with Big Oil also drooling over the extra profits to be gouged out of us all as tensions reach fever pitch. But never forget that War is a racket!


This is doubly true of a war for Saudi Arabia – the evil desert dictatorship that has spread the ideology of Islamist terror all over the world. Whoever else was involved in 9/11, there is absolutely no doubt that the inspiration and the funding for the Saudi foot-soldiers of that anti-American atrocity were provided by Saudi Arabia.

So the idea that American (and British) taxes and blood should be used to help the Al Qaeda-living Saudi head-cutters in the quarrel they have picked with Iran is utterly grotesque!

The plain truth is that the Iranians have done more than anyone except the Syrians and Russians to defeat ISIS and Al Qaeda, while the Saudis helped create Al Qaeda and ISIS.

Meanwhile, in the Yemen, they have been waging a brutal war against civilians and a rag-tag tribal Houthi army. The fact that the Houthis have now developed drones that are smashing Saudi’s oil plants should make everyone realise that it’s time to pressure the Saudi monsters to end their genocidal war in Yemen, not to ramp up the problems by going to war on their behalf.

So whatever lies the warmongers manage to sell Donald Trump, remember that the Saudis are not our friends and that the armed forces of the USA and the UK should be there to defend America and Britain, not to generate profits for the arms corporations, or to rescue the corrupt Islamists of the House of Saud from the consequences of their own stupidity and brutality.