No! We are NOT Freemasons!

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No! We are NOT Freemasons!

From time to time, someone out there who hasn’t bothered to read our FAQ section asks “but aren’t you Freemasons?” The answer, very definitely, is ‘NO’! Freemasonry acknowledges a ‘Grand Architect’ of the Universe. This is heresy, pure and simple, because an architect works only with materials created by someone or something else.


While many individual freemasons are good men and model citizens, the fact remains that this heretical sect has historically been a key driving force in the liberal war against god and tradition, and remains a force for globalism and secularism to this very day.

Let Us then show you masonry as an enemy of God, Church, and country. Recognize it as such once and for all, and with all the weapons which reason, conscience, and faith put in your hands, defend yourselves from such a proud foe. Let no one be taken in by its attractive appearance or allured by its promises; do not be seduced by its enticements or frightened by its threats. Remember that Christianity and masonry are essentially irreconcilable, such that to join one is to divorce the other. You can no longer ignore such incompatibility between Christian and mason, beloved children: you have been warned openly by Our predecessors, and We have loudly repeated the warning.

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