Norway says to treat Covid19 as flu

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Norway says to treat Covid19 as flu

The Norwegian government announced that starting from last Saturday (September 25), Norway will cancel all Covid19 restrictive measures.

Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg said at a press conference: “Since we took the most stringent epidemic prevention measures in peacetime in Norway, it has passed. 561 days… now is the time to return to a normal life.”

According to local media reports, Geir Bukholm, assistant dean of the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, said that the virus can now be considered the same as several types of seasonal respiratory tracts - flu!

Bukholm told the news media VG: “We are now at a new stage and need to treat this coronavirus as one of several seasonal respiratory diseases.”

The Office of the Prime Minister of Norway stated that Norway will no longer require businesses and companies to implement measures such as social distancing, and will allow sports, cultural venues and restaurants to make full use of their capacity. According to the new guidelines, nightclubs can also reopen.

However, the Prime Minister warned that those with Covid must still be quarantined to avoid the spread of the virus. The Norwegian government also stated that some restrictions will still apply to people from countries considered to have a higher infection rate.


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